the greatest entertainer ever | Reviewer: michael | 1/19/13

Elvis was the greatest singer/entertainer of all time.
his voice was phenominal-he could sing anything and had an amazing way with the lyrics .He was loved by so many people and still is to this day.
Rest in peace Evis and thanks for everything.

The King | Reviewer: Brandon Jeremiah | 2/19/09

You are so right, Lisa. First off, don't judge anybody before you actually know them. Elvis Presley is such a historical idol and character that everybody could make up anything about him and everyone else would believe it, such as his deaath and the rumors that he is still alive. Secondly, don't be stupid and make fun of anyone, especially when they're dead. It's very rude and you might even get in trouble for it, with the law or with other people.

Daddy | Reviewer: Lisa Marie | 12/18/07

For all of the people who think it is just so funny to say Daddy died of an overdose, or 'The King' died on 'The Throne', neither of those are true. I do not believe the press had seen the autopsy results. Personally, I have, and nowhere did he have ANY drugs in his system. Hint, for those of you who didn't follow that, IT WAS NOT AND OD. He died of cardiac arhythmia. And he didn't die on the toilet. We for him on the floor of the bathroom, a good 20 feet from the toilet. So, maybe you need to keep your remarks to yourself, until you wind up in some kind of law suit. Thankyouverymuch, Lisa Marie Presley