Look | Reviewer: Ginger | 2/6/12

Let's make this clear: this song was written by Freddie Mercury of the rock band Queen in 1979. It was never an Elvis song. The way Freddie sings it, however, does sound a lot like Elvis which leads to the confusion. I can not believe people don't know this and are debating this.

I have the answer! | Reviewer: phil petersen | 9/8/11

This will probably go un-noticed as the thread is so old, but as I've finally come across a subject of debate that I can answer, I thought "go for it!"
"Crazy Little Thing called Love" was NEVER an Elvis song - it was written after he died. However, their is an American artist called Doug Church who is still one of the top sound-a-likes around. He made an album called "Kingtinue" which contained a whole load of songs sung "as Elvis". It included titles such as Tears in heaven, Graceland and Crazy Little Thing called Love. He sounds so much like Elvis, it puts a tingle down you spine!
I have the album on cd but i don't know if it's available as a download.
Hope this helps an (old) debate

Crazy little Elvis song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/10

This song was written by Freddie Mercury after Elvis died. Elvis was very big in the U.K. and Freddie was also a big fan of the King. The song was inspired by Elvis and sung as a Queen version of an "Elvis" type song.

it's not elvis . it's queen!! | Reviewer: franco | 5/11/10

this song was written by freddy mercury in the beginning of 80'2...but there is an american singer who also sings this song , and his voice is very similaro to elvis' voice. his name is dwight yoakam...but he's just similar voice...elvis is another big thing...and freddy also!!

It all makes sense now | Reviewer: Schmutzfink | 8/29/09

This always confused me as I grew up knowing this as a Queen song, but when I bought my first iPod off eBay, the previous owner had a bunch of Elvis songs and sure enough there was an Elvis-sounding version of this song on there... So today I was playing this on my guitar and decided to look up if Queen covered an Elvis Song or if this was an early 70's song recorded by Queen and then covered by Elvis... After wiki-ing it I found no evidence of Elvis ever being associated with this song, therefore my guess is one of the previous posts is correct and that an Elvis Imposter had recorded this song and released it probably on KaZaA or something (I bought this iPod a long time ago lol) and many people downloaded it thinking it really was Elvis, thus spawning this lyric page of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Elvis Presley"

The song Elvis should have recorded, but didnt't. | Reviewer: TCB72 | 10/5/08

According to most sources (at least all the reliable ones), the song "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", was written AFTER Elvis died. There are however several good Elvis-impersonators that have done the song. Elvis himself, never recorded the song. Personally, I think he would have, if he had lived to hear it.

Wrong about performer | Reviewer: RaDiv | 8/25/08

This is for sure a song written by Mercury and performed by his band Queen. Elvis never performed this, because, as Calum pointed out, Elvis died before this song was made.
Why can't you change the artist name on this song??

Hmm | Reviewer: Itzel | 7/14/08

It only sounds a little little bit like Elvis. Not 100% sure if it is or if it's not.

This song is just amazing.
With or without Elvis. My favorite one is the one by Michael Bublé. So it doesn't matter who sings it (well, if they don't screw it up) as long as it sounds good.

interesting indeed | Reviewer: Levi | 2/14/08

I have searched the internet and through my entire elvis collection and found that Calum is correct, there is no Elvis song called Crazy little thing called love. so this sight is mistaken, as are all you other people that think this is elvis. Freddie Mercury does sound like Elvis, but the truth of the matter is Freddie was a very accomplished singer and could easily emulate Elvis.

Interesting | Reviewer: Calum Macnab | 9/26/07

If you don't believe "wikipedia or any other website", it's hard to provide a link, isn't it, but yes it is on Wikipedia if you do change your mind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crazy_Little_Thing_Called_Love

Reply Interesting | Reviewer: Benjamin | 8/15/07

I have found out that a LOT of people claim to know that this is a fact, but how do you know? How can you claim this as a fact, if it's just something you found on wikipedia or any other website? Please make a link, because I am not convinced before I see it for my own eye.

PS. I do not say that it is wrong, I am asking for documentary (spelled it wrong, probably) because when I hear that song, I hear Elvis Presley.

PPS. About the song I believe that there should be a: Weeeeell before third time he sings this thing called love :)

Interesting | Reviewer: Calum Macnab | 6/24/07

I find it interesting that the lyrics to Elvis Presley's version of Crazy Little Thing Called Love are published here, seeing as it was a song written by Freddie Mercury for the band queen AFTER Elvis had died...