Last Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/2008

As EPE Will tell you, Elvis sang 2 songs just before he went up to his bedroom on the morning Of August 16th (the day he died). The two songs, sung infront of Ginger Elden and his Cousin Billy Smith and Jo, Billy's Wife, were firstly, Unchained Melody and the whole song Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Song. They say Elvis sang this song with a passion and teared up while singing, so this is good to know, that thee VERY LAST, LAST, LAST song Elvis ever sang was Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.

Missing a whole sequence! | Reviewer: Richard | 9/25/2007

In Elvis's version (at least on the one recorded on the "Moody Blues" album, he never sang the verse about the silver hair. Hmmmm...
He simply skipped to the next verse, which made for a short song indeed; was he that afraid of growing old??
In any case, a tidbit about this song is that it was the last known song recorded by him before he died shortly thereafter, so I guess he avoided grey/silver hair at all costs! ;-)
Loved him though. A life-defining entity that shall never be seen again ....