Fantastic | Reviewer: Katharine Collyer | 4/26/12

I love this song and am constantly playing it, and often the one that Scott Bakula sings, and drive my mother mad. Sometimes she joins in, but I love making my friends laugh, so i jig up and down in time to the song at college. It's so much fun, and it's a great song!!

"have religion vs a pink cadillac" | Reviewer: Tomias Dobsonias | 5/14/08

Perfectly acceptable transcription -- thanks!

The original line was something like "you may have religion but don't you be nobody's fool".
The line became "you may have a pink Cadillac..." in Elvis' version. In "Last Train To Memphis", his seminal Presley biography, Peter Guralnick attributes the alteration to Elvis himself. I'm inclined to believe him.