Very Pretty | Reviewer: NYGirl23 | 1/10/12

My Dad is an Elvis fanatic and every night he would sing me to sleep with this song. It is going to be our father/daughter song and I know I am going to tear up. Very pretty song, they just dont make them like this anymore.

Follow that Dream; Angel;What a Wonderful Life;I'm Not the Marrying Kind | Reviewer: Reginald Shaw | 4/17/11

These four songs were from the film Follow That Dream Angel was the last song to be sung in that film, in fact the film ended at the end of it. Mono RCX-211 Copyright Radio Corporation of America. The final scenes ended with the co-star coming out to Elvis dressed in the prettiest dress that she changed into, out the tom-boyish jeans she wore.

I Love it<3.. | Reviewer: Tata's Tschei<3 | 2/25/11

This song was sung at the funeral of my father last year. He always liked it very much. Elvis had been child's age has always been his role model. When I hear the song I think of him and remember the good times I had with my father. Tata you were, are and always will be the best father one could wish for! I am proud to be your daughter. I miss you very much .. Hopefully you doing up there better now .. I love you!

This was a "hold them close" song. | Reviewer: Doug Long | 3/29/08

I was just a very young teenager but this song was one that got the girls close. I remember sitting in the theatre when the movie finally arrived to our small town. We all loved the movie, this Angel song, What a Wonderful Life, and the others. I soon bought a 45 sizxed record but it ran at 33 1/3 speed and had two songs on each side.

This song is sappy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/07

Any girl who believed the guy who tells them this needs to wake up!