Best song for your Mum & Dad - may they rest in peace | Reviewer: tony fuller | 11/29/11

From the heart - to the soul - you will not be forgotten Ross McManus - for bringing 5 talented boys into this world
It's all down to them now - to keep your & their new songs & music going strong - what a showman you are Ross - not letting Sara go last Thursday on her own - without up staging her day - I was there - we shed a tear or three and now we will do it all again for you Ross and your family on 9th Dec. 2011.

Miss you and love you -- "You secret Lemonade drinker" RW. RW RW. RW.

Tony Fuller & family

The ultimate funeral song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/05

Don't despair when I am dead: I am totally unimportant. Whether I go to heaven or to hell, the birds will still be singing.
A lesson in humility from Costello, in a rendition that tears the heart out. Chilling. A masterpiece.