A new (to me) classic for the season) | Reviewer: treekster | 12/3/09

First heard this on an Elvis Costello compilation that I got, ironically, as a Christmas gift last year. Love it, plan on playing it at every holiday gathering from now until I'm rotting in the ground.

New Favorite Christmas Song | Reviewer: Mona Wheeler | 12/5/07

My feet cannot stay still when I hear this song. The Chieftains, Bells of Dublin is one of my favorite Christmas CDs and St. Stephen's Day Murders is defintely one of my favorites.

It's not Christmas ..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/07

...until you play the St. Stephen's Day Murders while wrapping 216 presents for the 300 long-lost relatives coming from the four corners to share the joy of the season. Egg Nog optional, but strongly recommended!