You either love 'em or...not | Reviewer: Jeff Sharron | 9/3/14

Fell in love with his first big hit, Allison as a young man,and really never looked back. What I know about his history and personal life I just read above. His less than topical lyrics have always been my style. Lets face it, different songs mean different things to different people and his lyrical genius is the perfect fit. Even my X-gen' family "gets it". Saw him live in the late seventies at a packed Pasadena Civic Center and he absolutely blew the crowd away. Recently, my School teacher wife was walking down the hallway at her work singing "Veronica" and was approached by a shocked but delighted Principal who couldn't believe one of his teachers was a fan. Actually, damn near anyone who gives his music a chance stands a good chance of becoming enamored with his awesome work.

Little savage | Reviewer: Bridge | 8/23/12

Have loved Elvis since 1978, have most of his CD's and am currently listening to Imperial bedroom with 'Little savage' on repeat. Would have to disagree about 'Punch the clock' and 'Cruel world' being 'less ambitious'...they're two of my favourites
'Inch by inch' and 'Invisible man' are pure brilliance. God, I adore this man, have fantacised over him for many years. The man's a genius, long may his music continue...'Pidgin English' now playing, could he be more brilliant????

LwSkVKxxQgxvtT | Reviewer: Romelio | 5/16/12

At least at the local Apple Store here, my new Mac Mini came with Tiger in the box. Not preinelaltsd, but ready to be inelaltsd. Sadly, it wasn't $370. More like $870. I couldn't bring myself not to get the souped up version with the faster CPU, 80GB instead of 40, 512MB instead of 256, BlueTooth, WiFi, and SuperDrive. That's an $850 config. Add AppleCare (which I was reluctant to buy, but even Consumer Reports thinks it's worthwhile, and they hate extended warranties) and you hit the $1k mark for the whole package. Even with our corporate partnership discount the tax pushed it over $1k total. But I do love my Mini.

one of a kind | Reviewer: rich grove | 5/30/10

followed him from the beginning armed forces really woke me up to music at 12 years of age.seen him in concert a fresh approach to performing with quartet very differnt still talk about now 12 months later.keep rocking elvis,a true great english song writer up with the so called best of them.

Well done | Reviewer: Mr. Wonderful | 6/23/07

I'm 56. I jumped on This Year's Model and have started listening to it all over again. Ditto Armed Forces and Imperial Bedroom. This writeup is first-rate. It doesn't tell the whole story (who could?) but it's tight and smart. Nice job.

one of a kind | Reviewer: Anna | 6/14/07

Elvis is truly unforgettable, and one of my personal favorites. He blends just the right mix of novel new endeavors, and the familiar "Elvis" sound we've come to love through the years. Not afraid to take risks, and quite a "snappy" dresser (love those shoes!)-- I applaud this man for sharing his talents with the rest of us, and for being "one of a kind" in a age of sensational conformism.

brilliant! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/06

Elvis Costello is a brilliant artist. he's my fav. i especially love the song 'she'.it is the most beautiful song that ive heard till date.his voice is really really mesmerising!

Excellent! | Reviewer: Alfie Maroney-O'Brien | 6/16/05

I'm only 12 and I've been to one of his concerts! He is sensational and one of the greatest artists I've ever heard or could hope to hear. I give 5 stars all the way! *****