This song is so beautiful. | Reviewer: taltal | 8/24/05

I didn't know Elvis Costello until yesterday, when I first heard this song and it is so ...dangerous. Costello is like an actor here, he plays this character, desperate and with more than passion.

I WANT YOU. It's like instead of "I Love You". or instead of "I want you to.."

The way he sings it and the tune and the lyrics are just the type of my guy.

You can listen to this song over and over and it's still beautiful, but first-hearing is the best in this case to really hear the emotion so don't waste it you know..

This man must be genious, are there any more songs of his that are like this one?

spooky girlfriend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/04

There is not much more to say about this song. The pain.. the agony.. the truth.. the untruth.. how we wish we could be on top and never have it. but we want it.. cause pain is emotion.. and emotion is better than rationality.

Fascinated | Reviewer: Venus | 7/3/04

That's my favorite song! Thanks Elvis Costello, you are the best!