Every Day Some Obsessed Girls made this their theme song! | Reviewer: Lolita Haze | 11/27/12

Though it DOES rock, there's a scary underside to Elvis' writing, dreading misunderstanding and the attempt of someone who doesn't get it to suck him into a relationship. He has good cause for worry.

It's a novel approach: comparing obsession to the pages of a book, to the predictable written words of what looks like the criss-cross between a man's vagaries and a woman's self-effacing intent on capturing him.

On first listen, it seems as though HE is the one pursuing her, but as the title says, he "writes the book" every day. Not only tha, but tells her that she "knows the difference" between a long-term guy vs. someone just looking. Not only that but he claims the power of "the film rights and the sequel", not to mention WRITING the "book"!

Will most women on the hunt for "Mr. WRIGHT" back off, given this warning? Not likely. They're desperate and as always, think they can change him. Poor Elvis. If he thought this would stop them, he is utterly mistaken.

Speaking from watching a close friend pursue a guy who was not that "into her" and writing the same book, while she ran after him, I can say that...women will NEVER learn!

A brilliant bit of satire on push-pull relationships, and perhaps more spot-on that Elvis even imagined!

Amazing! | Reviewer: oceanrobot | 9/6/06

This song ROCKS OUT WITH ITS COCK OUT! Puts songs by Lil Bow Wow and Kelly Clarkson to SHAME!

Classic for the ages | Reviewer: Bill Zimmer | 9/28/04

Original music, clever lyrics, same Elvis Costello energy and drive and determination upon which we have come to rely.