Review for the album Almost Blue

------ Performed by Elvis Costello | 01/10/2006

Almost Blue is fine music!

Years ago, I bought the "Almost Blue" album, and within the last few years bought the extended CD. Under the guidance of George Jones' producer Billy Sherrill, Elvis did a fine job with some country classics from my childhood, plus a few rockabilly tunes and a few I'd never heard of before.

Elvis' vocals on the tunes are compelling and have an urgency that add a lot. The backup musicians are good...the studio work is predictably good, and the live numbers are equally as tasty. It reminds me of an older Leon Russell album/CD "Hank Wilson's Back," where he too recreates some older classic country tunes.

For Costello fans, or fans of 50's/60's C/W music, it's a good buy. Check it out folks.

Thanks to Paul for submitting the review.