i just want to apoligize in advance if there's any confusion-this song is not about you | Reviewer: ee cummings | 10/2/11

i remember when this song was coming out...and i make it my strict policy tha being what i am writing about as these events are as events but not the event no song i write is about a person or an event so that one can't not could match the event or person or person's with any one person or person's events- i don't write about events in someone elses life either and i do write about the things in my life based on the events of my life
but not the events as they were or will be or might be - asif they are though.....to anyone out there who needs to hear that a great famous band
is singing a song - with the words " i - know- this- world - is killing --you..." m y love i s true - JMS

@Steff | Reviewer: Buddy | 12/12/10

It is a high quality lyric and the way the it's sung is so very quite nice. You need to listen to the song, you need to learn to sing it and feel it and then you'll know that it's a deeply, beautiful song.

BB I | Reviewer: Steff | 7/13/10

I've heard this is the favourite song of one of rock's cutiest...Brandon Boyd, the singer of Incubus....He' s so romantic. Although I must say that I'm a little disapointed, I thought it was gonna be a high quality lyric.

Add this to the review by nisaba | Reviewer: António | 10/24/09

The only cover of 'Alison' that I know was performed by EBTG (Everything But That Girl), released firt in 'Covers E.P.' and after in their album 'acoustic' (the name of both says all). I think that is the cover which nisaba heard, with the uncomparable voice of Tracy Thorn.
Sorry if I not write better in English, this lack of sense is because I not native in that language.

The New Elvis Costello | Reviewer: Ari | 3/31/09

Um, I am a HUGE fan of Elvis Costello. For my fellow fans, check out Rob Schneider of The Apples in Stereo for contemporary indie pop-rock tunes that rival Costello's genius. Seriously. Check out the tracks Atom Bomb, Play Tough, 7 Stars, and Radiation, for starters. Some are a bit different -- expect more than just guitar, drums, piano, and bass. Scheider is one creative dude. Also, he tends to do a tasteful amount of low-fi distortion, and feedback -- don't worry the music is still totlaly listenable, just a teeny tad of Sonic Youth and Stereolab in there -- and it works!

aaaalisonnn. | Reviewer: Amy93 | 12/20/08

i haven't heard the original of this, but i've been addicted to the live version elvis does with billie joe armstrong of green day. argh, i always get it in my head. "aaaalison" ^___^ i will listen and download the original now. awesome song! sounds great as a duet with the lovely billie joe's voice.

Alison! | Reviewer: nisaba | 12/16/07

This is one of costello's finest tracks, with the understated, reined-in intensity he is so good at. There is only one King, and Elvis is his name - Elvis Costello. Years ago there was a terrific cover of this song brought out by, I think, Linda Ronstadt: very different to his, much more melodramatic and with a nice lesbian twist to it.