i love him | Reviewer: paul | 3/27/07

i like tha fact that he did not hide his sexuality. what is the name of his partner?

Hello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/07

Hi i read your info my best friend said she would never go out with a guy named David because they suck at sex... Oh and do you have the hots for Johnny Depp

"He has remained popular and well respected by the public, despite his status as a homosexual" | Reviewer: neil c | 11/25/05

i can't believe that in this day and age i'm still reading narrow-minded rubbish like this. elton john was successful partly BECAUSE of his homosexuality - look at his wild outfits onstage for chrissakes. he exhibited the classic playful and flamboyant nature of great gay entertainers and people loved him for coming out and just being 'what he is'.

you seem to insinuate that being a gay popstar is a problem for the public... well - freddie mercury wasn't very successful was he.

The Greatest | Reviewer: J Hardy | 10/17/05

Elton John is the best.I love all his songs. He can sing any kind of music, that most singers can not do.I love " Something about the way you look tonight" and "Answer in the sky".No matter how young or old we are, we all love him.

Elton John is great | Reviewer: Laura Jessop | 8/14/05

Elton John has a great singing voice!!! He made 'Ghetto Gospel' sound really great. All his songs are brilliant and I really like 'the lion king', 'Candle in the wind' and 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word' I am 12 years old and most people my age are listening to r&b but I prefer Elton John music.

About the greatest singer,pianist and Football Chairman ever | Reviewer: Dan | 9/20/04

Elton John was born "Reginald kenneth Dwight" in 1947. He was born and Raised in Pinner, Middlesex.

He has worked with Bernie Taupin, his songwriter. Despite his huge sucesses with "Your Song", "Daniel", "Candle in the wind", "Lucy in the sky with diamonds", "Saturday nights alright for fighting" and many many more, meaning he's the 4th most successful act of all time in he UK (behind Elvis Presley, CLiff Richard and THe Shadows)his music is not all he is famous for.

It is Thanks to him that Watford Football club still exist. He became chairman of the hornets in the mid 70s and gave them a massive cash injection. In the late 90s, he reunited at the club with manager Graham Taylor, and got Watford to the premiership, albeit for only one season.
He has remained popular and well respected by the public, despite his status as a homosexual.