He is my favorite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/11

I love his music so much. I think he is a true star to be able to fight drugs and alcohol. Abuse. He has inspired me to continue to play the piano. If it wern't for him I wouldn' be what I am today. Thank you so much.

a thank you would have been nice | Reviewer: alan taylor | 10/21/11

it was in the early 70s,at the time when he was playing gigs,if it wasn't for me he might not have been going at all,i am very careful of what i am saying because if any 1 wants my real story i will give it to them,and after all these years all i ever wanted was a thank you be for i die surly its not to much to ask yours Alan Taylor

Elton John's amazing! | Reviewer: Girl | 6/19/11

I agree completely with Caitlyn. Elton John's amazing! I'm 13 and also play the piano. I went to an Elton John concert the other day and it was definitely the best concert I've been to! Even though I've only been to three! One of which I only stayed for about 20 minutes and the other was JLS who were rubbish! Since the concert I've had the best songs in my head all the time. I really want to be a musician now too like Elton John. I don't really like "cool" music either (although Lady GaGa's good). Nothing can ever beat Queen, Elton John or ABBA (who I also love)!

Amazing | Reviewer: Shannon | 5/12/11

elton John is one of the most amazing musicians of all time. He is an inspiration to people ever, not just by his music but by admitting he was gay and dealing with all of the crap that must've been thrown his way because of it. But he did what made him happy and I admire him for it. Him and Bernie Taupin are one of the greatest duo's ever! He is absolutely amazing.

The real deal about Elton's talent | Reviewer: tray117 | 4/15/11

Look, from Empty Sky to Caribou the man was GOD! Very few artists/bands could rival the genius and creativity of John/Taupin. Then came the greatest hits. Eeeuuuwww. Granted by today's standards these kids have a greatest hits album for their SECOND album, however. . .Then came
Captain Fantastic and, unfortunately, EVERY song wasn't amazing. Broke this Elton fanatic's heart! I couldn't imagine the man/duo slowing down or losing it bcz the hits had kept coming for SOOOOOOOO long. But he/they changed, dried up, ran out of good ideas, fought, seperated and tried writing on their own. BAD idea. Regardless, Elton has parodied himself and his good sh*t. He steals from his old stuff TOTALLY. You can definitely hear riffs/pieces of older sh*t in his newer, GODAWFUL cr*p. Lion King? Please. Dreadful. And so is any pop cr*p since Blue Moves. I would beg him to quit but he's gone WAY beyond maintaining dignity. RIP Elton & Bernie.

no legal rights for samesexmanyaks | Reviewer: halis yılmaz | 1/22/11

how can they legalise samesex relations while they have nuns and monks not havimg sex at all.gay has been prist of the bible that bans gayship.is that mevement agaist relions.me says yes it is agaist us.it is satanic.we have to work on that.and we promise them hell.soon they will know the truth painfully.

To you, crazy anonymous | Reviewer: Caitlyn | 12/25/10

Elton John, is the singer to remember forever and ever in our minds and hearts and not the one who raped you. You make me sick.I'm only 12, but I love 70's and 80's music because they have spirit not like the new songs today. Nobody understands the beautiful music I hear of Elton John because all they hear is Britney Spears,Ne-YO, or whatever. I am also a pianist and my inspiration is to be like Elton John someday so that I can change the world. John always reminds me of myself, as I thought ever since I was 7. I love his style and we shall thank him forever for bringing into the world the art of his songs!!!

Forgotten Music | Reviewer: Pippin | 10/17/10

Elton John actually began playing piano at age 3 not 4. Also, you never mention his album released in 1971 titled "Friends" A soundtrack made specifically for the movie of the same title. Why? The album is by far one of the best collaborations between him and Bernie Taupin. It didn't sell much but enjoyed a lot more critical acclaim then Empyty Sky.

CAPTAIN FANTASTIC | Reviewer: Ami Jon | 5/29/10

Elton John is BY FAR the most incredible singer I have ever heard in my life. If every damn song that he sings someone says, "oh, thats the best" how in the world can he not be?! He has also overcome drug and alcohol abuse, and in my book that makes him another star. I was born in 77, and was named Ami Jon, Jon being named after him, spelling different because im a girl. I truly love that man, and his music, and anyone that has anything negative to say about him is either music deaf, or homophobic.You cant help being music deaf, but a homophob is so immature that i wont even give those people the pleasure of reading how stupid I think they are. I love you Elton, you are and always will be #1!!!! Ami Jon

Someone Saved My Life tonight | Reviewer: Sue Mazzone | 4/26/10

I was a suicidal teenager and locking myself in my room and listening to my albums and 45's and singing along helped me get through the worst times of my life. I always felt I did not fit in and loved to fantasize about singing with the greatest artists on earth. Elton thank-you for helping save my life. I love you.

he is agreatest among the great | review: kaggwe k | 8/2/2010 | Reviewer: kaggwekenneth | 2/7/10

whelton he is good and greatest among the great, before i got to know helton i first listened to his songs then i got intrested in it and i could not spend a day without listening to his music, i dont care whether he is a gay. coz every one in the world has which makes he or she happy, he can do his staff, and he cant change me but he can change me with his music only.

A great musician | Reviewer: Janet | 11/22/09

I have always admired Elton John and Bernie Taupin.They together have put out some of the most remarkable songs,ones that a true lover of music and talent will always remember.As for his personal life it should not change anybody's thoughts of his talent with music.Some of the best musicians have been gay like Freddie mercury(Queen) or Liberace.This man is happy and what brings him that, is his business.His music makes the people happy.This wonderful man has given more to charity and aids research then most are aware of.He wrote a song for his good friend the late Princess Diana and stayed with Ryan White until his last breathe.He also gave the boys family support and sang at his funeral.That is just a few of the many kind and wonderful things this wonderful man has done.God bless you Elton John.You are admired for so much on top of being the greatest piano player and singer around.Keep up the good work.

It's not a defining characteristic. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/08

Elton John is an incredible artist and should be admired for his perserverance and success throughout many years. The fact that he is gay is not a defining characteristic, people should be able to look past such. His music is amazing,and that's what he's here to do. So, I don't think we should judge him on anything but his music. And hey, what's there to judge?

Fabulous!i!i | Reviewer: Debi Lee | 9/14/08

I had the honor of seeing Elton John in concert in Calgary last night. He is one of the most incredible musicians I have ever seen. He can rock far better than any new band. He has class, wit, character and endless talent. o fabo

Long live Elton! Goodbye Creighton.. | Reviewer: craytoon | 9/6/08

I'm a singer/songwriter, and it's a beautiful but hard world.
Elton John has made more history, love, smiles, music and stories that keep the candle burning than anyone of your bitterness! I'm sure he's been called worse things by better people than you Creighton. (What kinda name is that anyway??) You, Creighton, appear very alone, sad and blood hungry. You poor thing. I do sympathise for you - you must have had a poor family life without a solid nourishing upbringing. Maybe a horrible childhood experience? Seek help and heal your mind and heart. You'll go to sleep alone, wake up alone, die alone. We're all entitled to an opinion, but not all ripping out throats for your satisfaction. bye bye :)