Beautiful Song and Movie | Reviewer: Pat B. | 4/16/13

This came out when I was deeply in love with the very first lady of my life and it became our music. Laurie was a beautiful lady and I lost her over the years but I have never forgotten her. For most of my life if she had called me I would have left everything to go to her. Now, if she called me I would still go to her, but she would get an old man who suffers from many regrets.

I feel as if a part of my life is still missing but I do have this music to hold to and help keep the dream alive. Love is alive.

first love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/11

This is a wonderful album. If I had to pick a soundtrack for my first real love it would have to be Friends. Today if I happen to hear one of the songs from the album/especially Friends/ I am taken back to a magical time. A time when we really knew what love was. A time I will always cherish. Ain't it funny how young lovers start as friends????

inspiring | Reviewer: francisco pires | 3/30/08

I remember the beginning of the 80's, when i was writing a book, and for some reason this soundtrack kept playing for most of the process. It truly brought me quite a bit of inspiration, as the melodies were beautiful, and also soft and relaxing. Definitely for those who like the style of good old Reg!