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Performed by Elton John

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This song is awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/12

I love this song it's my favorite of all time.The song is much better than that GaGa crap. Elton John is the best singer when it comes to this song. I told the DJ to play this song and everyone started smiling and dancing!!!!

intresting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/10

i was 3 years old when this song came out and I begged for the 45 and I got it to this day I still have my original Crocodile Rock 45 Its a very upbeat song and I never get tiered of it all these years later Ive always been a fan of Elton John
I was probably the only 3 year old who knew all the words to the song way back in 1972

AMAZINGG | Reviewer: blah | 12/25/09

love love love this song.. as well as elton john. nobody goes on this site, im guessing.. seeing how theres no other comments. so i feel like a loner. but still. NOBODY WONT EVER SEE THIS so whatever- whats the point? judy garland's better. so is google. BLAHH!

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