Elton John is NOT the original Captain Fantastic I am. ! | Reviewer: REALCAPTAINFANTASTIC | 11/3/09

I created Captain Fantastic and the Wonerboys in Australia in 1973. IT is inconceivable that someone who was already famous and wealthy would even think of using another talents name. but that is exactly what happened. WE were using this name since early 1973, EJ's CF & the brown dirt cowboy was released in 75 as was the piball machine. This was a direct violation of copyright and intellectual property protection and as the real Captain Fantastic seen by milliomns Worldwide and loved by kids everywhere I fully intend to expose these facts. ! We are still performing Worldwide as Captain Fantatsic, live and on radio and television. !

Captain Fantastic,
Beverly HIlls.

The REAL Captain Fantastic.....a Superhero family. ! | Reviewer: Captain fantastic | 7/26/09

Captain Fantastic and the Wonderboys was and still is a family comic, live and tv act first launched in Australia in the early seventies. Whoever used the name thereafter violated the copyright of the rightful owners, the fact that it has never reached legal litigation doesn't validate the wrongful use of the name.

My beginning fascination with Elton John | Reviewer: mrsbasemore | 5/1/09

This is the first album of many, including cd's, that I have purchased of Elton's music. He is truly an artist that has kept me interested through the different phases of his career. His songs touch my soul at times.

Captain and the Kid | Reviewer: Matthew Storey | 9/1/07

For a kid from Texas parents growing up in Manhattan in the '70s this song about Elton and Bernie different worlds found PERFECT expression in my soul.

My favorite song. It captures what it was to be a boy, a dreamer and to wonder....