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Performed by Elliott Smith

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Answer to Eric Tomas Paneto | Reviewer: Charles | 6/15/10

I think the song you talk about is "i didn't understand" when he sings " 'cos my feelings never change a bit i always feel like shit i don't why i guess that i just do". It's the last song of xo. A beautiful song. All his songs are so beautiful. About wouldn't mama be pround i think it's one of my elliott's favorite. It often makes me cry even thought i don't exactly know why. Nothing more to say except i like this site and the comments you can read, somehow it make me feel among a family.

Already a junk bond trader and reaching for happiness | Reviewer: Eric Tomás Paneto | 12/12/08

I've read the biography -Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing- and though it got mixed revues I liked it a lot, the following is a perception that I gathered from reading interviews, bios, and information from that book.

This song was released in 2000-2001 and was made from 1998-2000. At this point in Elliott Smith's life he was becoming quite a bit more money and notoriety and I don't think he knew how to cope with this fame and his self deprecation that he inflicted on himself a lot. I would like to think that this self deprication came from being sensitive, not unlike how I think of myself, but the truth is I think it was a combination of this and his being clinically depressed, having a sadness that would creep up on him often.

There truth of this in at least one song where he sings something like "I get down, and I can't define the reason why, I just do". If someone wants to remind me what this song is, I would be indebted to you,, because it would make my argument much stronger ;)

The song is about getting your foot into the door of something, in Smith's case this was the music industry and/or possibly a relationship. It is a very good song because not only can it have these two meanings but many scenarios could be brought about by keen speculation about one's life.

I am a huge fan of Elliott Smith and actually took a music literature class where I did an in depth analysis of Roman Candle(much more MLA based then this beautiful but not formal analysis ;)

I will end this informal testament to my love for this song and in truth every Elliott Smith song by stating that, "I think Elliott Smith was a genius and if you can get past the saddness, truly it is scientific his pictures of love, at least for myself".

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/08

this song really makes me think of a (wo)man who travels alot, with his job, and got used to the rich life they attained... they eventually take for granted what people wish for, and forgets what they used to have (a good family) because they've become too engulfed by themselves, and how they think they've got it good

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