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Do People Like that Still Exist Today? | Reviewer: Michael Omode | 12/9/2007

I watched "Street Child," on YouTube by following links to Slash's solos. One thing I can say- these people are TALENTED, and you can't argue that. Not money makers or brain washers- just pure musicians and they love what they do. Elan and Slash? that's amazing and wonderful music. Not to mention all the other participants. What a way to go.

She's what music needs right now | Reviewer: )O(The Cat)O( | 5/4/2005

Elan, unlike many artists, is giving us a completely free, authentic and honest concept. She knew since the very beginning what she wanted to do and the way she wanted it to be done. She was rejected many times 'cause she refused to change her ideas and become just another female artist who dances and dresses like a silly schoolgirl, with meaningless songs just because that's what the business wants **cough**britney**cought**... Her music is a fusion of all the stuff she grew up listening to: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Holiday, and a long long etcetera... I think this girl is amazing, and her music is really worth listening to.

Elan,... totally rocks | Reviewer: mariagloria | 10/21/2004

I think she is great, am no expert but i love her songs.
if the world is any bit fair she has to be a big star.
i wish her a lot of luck, she is going to need it .┬┤cause
people are really stupid and slow at giving credit to real talent.
elan totally rocks !!!!

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