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Performed by Eiffel 65

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real meaning | Reviewer: Hidan | 2/8/13

It actually says da ba dee da ba di. and the reason was that one of the band members eat something that was given to him and after he eat it he started to say "da ba dee da ba di" over and over then he jumped in to the bonfire they had set up and while he was burning he was still saying "da ba dee da ba di" and if you listen to it backwards it says "Eat the body hide the body" an when that song first hit Italy there was a lot of cannibalism going around.

wtf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/11

WTF... ok for those of you who think that one of the guys commits suicide, your fucking wrong cuz none of the band members comiited suicide, they are all alive and well. So stop posting rumors that aren't true.

WHAT I REALLY THINK. | Reviewer: annoymous turtles. | 8/6/11

well, to be quite honest with you all..
this song, is awesome, no matter how you sing the lyrics, so.. suck my ass hole jerks.


so, to who ever said theyve met the band? i couldnt give two tiny rats ass's cause, thats my perspective of the fricken song.
so.. yeah, suck cocks haters,
to all those that arent hating, rock on, you blue little fellas. yeah:)

Hiya | Reviewer: Nomkaty | 8/7/11

Katy perry has said she loves this song :) but she sings the clean version!! The lyrics do actually say "im blue and in need of a guy" because hes depressed about being in the closet.. Thats why He says about his gf being blue too :) if that makes sense?

I am blue is about a drug over dose | Reviewer: pedro | 3/25/11

It goes like this in the chorus.

I am blue I O.D.'ed I O.D.'ed almost died,
I O.D.'ed I O.D.'ed almost died.
I O.D.'ed I O.D.'ed almost died.
I O.D.'ed I O.D.'ed almost died.
I O.D.'ed I O.D.'ed almost died.

They changed the lyrics because it was a big hit with young kids.
He was blue because of depression, and blue because he was turning blue. Find the original song and listen very closely.
Even the video's you see today has the Chorus
I'm blue da ba dee da ba di
da ba dee da ba di
da ba dee da ba di
da ba dee da ba di
da ba dee da ba di

Just think why would he be blue he has a house, has a girlfriend, and has a corvette? He is blue inside because of depression and he is blue on the outside because of lack of oxygen due to
Still a cool song though. They should just be truthful and tell every one the REaL lyrics.

I"m Gonna Beat up a guy! | Reviewer: LIZZY | 12/15/10

I thought always the lyrics were

" I'm blue I'm gonna beat up a guy, gonna beat up a guy, gonna beat up a guy I'm gonna beat up a guy. "
SO yeah thats the way me and my sister sing it!! I WISH THE GUY WHO WROTE IT would Make a youtube account and WRITE THE REAL lyrics DOWN!! BLAHHHH! BUT, hehe I like singing it this way.. OH! and I think its funny what the Annoyoms girl wrong " I'm in need of a guy " * THe GAY song* ROFLL!! I find that HILARIOUS

Scary | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/10

My sister and I use to roller blade to this song all the time at roller town, then recently my sister showed me what it says backwards... Now I can't listen to it anymore cause it creeps me out. She totally ruined it for me ):

I'm in need of a guy LOL | Reviewer: GreenKnight | 9/11/10

I'm not its the giberish that sounded like
Im blue I'm in need of a guy and im in need of a guy thats what I thought it used to say so I called it the gay song lol!! da ba dee da ba di see im in need of a guy guy LOL

Oh please. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/10

If you think for example:
Am Blue i belive i willl fly/die/cry/hide etc,THEN thats called "Misheard-lyrics" So dont say "OMG,TAHTS NAWT TEH ORIGINAL LYRICS,YOO LAIA" DONT ignore this message.

Well,If you will and post "OMG,TAHTS NAWT TEH ORIGINAL LYRICS,YOO LAIA" Then sirously,dont post it,If you have nothing nice to say,DONT POST.

Great song. Thats all.

Hmmm | Reviewer: Trolli | 1/21/10

The real lyrics are im blue and i fuck your mom in the eye, trufax. Dont cuss? How preposterous fuck fuck fuckidy fuck and yes i feel tough cussing over the intranets and yes i mean intranets look it up. im very happy in my grandmas basement with my vast collection of blow up dolls. So fuck all you little kids and have a joke and a toke from the pipe. i have no dignity or muffins T-T

reveiwer: kaleb elrod, aka: Rred425 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/10

all you ppl who say the lyrics dnt matter cuz its a "dance-song", your wrong the lyrics do matter and ppl who say that the re-do "if i were green i would die" sounds better your a retard theorginal lyrics are better and my dad met the original band and its daba di daba die.the band was a genius no matter what you say and if i gave them the chourus of a song to mourn them it would be "I used to rule the world oh i ruled the world". and they did they one of the best pop sensations around.

and i agree dnt use cuss words, i do very rarely but thats on horrible events when no one is around.

eiffle 65 is the boss.

posted Rred425,look me up on runescape i changed my name to
red_da_tough just in case Rred425 dsnt wrk =] peace brothar - i know that isnt right spelling dnt bug me-

DONT U PISS ME OFF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/09

i dont really fricking care what the words are me and my buds came up wit 4 difrent things for it so who da hell cares and just lisein to the damn song

a plea to reason | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/09

I must agree with Anonymous 11/8/09. Eiffel 65 went into the music business with a desire to reshape the producer-artist relationship. We must consider the dynamics between Pierre Bergeret and Eiffel, the turbulent years 1996-97, with the ubiquitous quarrel over the syncopated vocal tremolo. In his penetrating biography, Daniel Wilford illuminates the decisive interaction which resulted in the schism and subsequent dissolution of 65's original lineup. The ambiguity of da ba dee's lyrics are a direct result of producer Bergeret's post-structuralist approach to 16-track overdubbing.

leave it be | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/09

I say who cares what the lyrics are, know one will ever know for sure unless you ask the person who wrote it. So stop acting like you know something you internet trolls.

And since when do songs have to make sense? Especially when it's a dancey-song no ones going to shoot you if you accidentally said the wrong words.

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/09

this song rocks, and people dont cuss please. i do but only when something bad happens. and i thought the lyrics were "im blue bada di bada di bada di bada di" thats kind how it sounded but "if i were green i would die" sounds better.

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