Research before you write | Reviewer: Natalie Sentz | 8/18/2008

Mr. Ashton,

I just read your review of the song, "If you see Natalie." I'm not sure whom you are writing to, but I have to assume you are refering to my comment to the song. I never meant any offense by my note. When I wrote, "... trying to keep a straight face..." I was refering to my inability to keep from crying when relaying a tragic story. I broke down crying after telling about the murdered mother... my emotions were hightened by the sad song playing in my ear. I don't owe you any explaination. I just want to set you straight. You may want to look into your future responses before jumping the gun and assumming the worst.

Natalie Sentz

I'm sorry for the confusion. | Reviewer: Natalie | 8/18/2008

I apologize if my comment seemed inappropriate. I can see how it would appear strange.
The sad situation combined with the sad song is what made it difficult for me to keep a straight (tear free) face. I was so upset that I decided to send the writer a bitter note. I need to learn to control my emotions better. I apologize If I offended anyone with my comment.
Thank you for your time,
Natalie Sentz

That was probably the most redundant review ever.. | Reviewer: Rob Ashton | 11/30/2007

This is an incredibly tragic song, about a very sad thing.

Much like a lot of E sings about from the looks of things (I'm new to Eels). I think that making fun of it is in quite bad taste considering the subject matter.


Thanks! | Reviewer: Natalie | 8/23/2007

My name is Natalie Sentz. I'm a reporter for KJRH... the NBC affiliate in Tulsa, OK.

This song was played into my IFB by my director, Scott Taylor, during our morning show today.

He did it while I was TRYING to keep a straight face and tell a story about a mother who was murdered... AHHHHH!

Well, at least it made for an interesting time... and now I have the song STUCK in my head.