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Performed by Eels

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Hey Rofl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/09

just wondering, what made u look the song up, and what people said about it if it sucks.... kinda weird and pointless... I know I don't look up songs that suck just to write and see what people said about it.

Just beautiful but sad | Reviewer: Sean | 8/4/09

This song ostensibly is about insolmnia yes, but it's also about dealing with the pain of loss. "tried counting sheep but there's one I always miss" is I feel a double play on words, did he miss count the sheep or is their someone he always misses? I had so many regrets when my grand father died, that I didn't spend more time with him, that I hadn't had kids for him to know his great grand children, people were telling me I just had to let it go. As sad as I was this song did remind me of that (to let go). It also helped me deal with the pain of losing my mother more recently, I'd forgotten about this song and it came up on my playlist in iTunes. To me this is a song about loss regret and letting go (as well as a lack of sleep which may or may not be associated with the above).

Jet Lag. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

Its about insomnia, duh. This is exactly how I feel after a night of "sleep".
Mark was flying all over tha place, and was jet lagged and couldn't sleep, so he wrote this song. The name of it kind of gives it away.

love this song | Reviewer: Rosie | 12/27/08

I really hate how everytime I read a song review on the internet it starts out ppl making honest comments about the actual song and then end up bashing each other which is so stupid, I also hate it when ppl say someone should 'grow up' just because they have a different point of view than others - anyway back to the actual song - It's really simple but beautiful and haunting at the same time which is what I love about it

Rofl.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/08

Sarah's post is hilarious..."No such thing as love" Lmao.
Look, a humans mind can invent or come up with anything; it's their point of view and you can't go around thinking your better or thinking your opinion is right and theirs wrong because that shows how much of an idiot you are. You make a complete ass out of yourself that way. Just ignore their comments like everyone else does. Also no one is really cold because everyone including you gets pissed off or annoyed which means you feel emotion. Song sucks btw. Lol.

whats up with the comments? | Reviewer: Willa Wonka | 5/22/08

okkk well the song is nice butwhy would a song ease your pain that makes no sense whatsoever you think that little boy Michael Jackson raped goes to this sonpg and says this song eases my pain.... NOOOOO you have to get over it and stop with all patheticness plaes i going to barf

IMPORTANT! | Reviewer: grant | 4/1/08

it is very important that you read this cause people feel the need to bring up "emo" everywhere on the internet. IT NEEDS TO STOP!! these people feel the need to talk about THEIR feelings. its not such a bad thing but EMO IS! the word emo is a mistake that should have NEVER been created. emo clothes, emo music, emo everything NEEDS to stop! WHOS WITH ME!!!!

Stupid people | Reviewer: CC | 2/5/08

'Girl from Sweden' you're kinda stupid or you just didn't read the review of the 'anonymous' that you insulted... he was really defending your point of view you know? When you write about what someone written please read it okay? I'm sure it will save a lot of troubles in the futures.
Wish you the best...
By the way the song is fucking great

yea... | Reviewer: Girl from Sweden | 12/16/07

okay, i love this song very much. I'm hoping i'll get to sing it with my band, we'll se 'bout that...anyhow, i gotta say, it sorta pisses me off, the way some people seem determined to ruin this page for those who really feel that this song moves them, speaks to them, or connects to something that has happened to them. it's really shitty saying stuff like "grow the fuck up", cus honestly, are these peoples feelings REALLY any of your goddamn business? if you are so stpid you feel that you have to thow your shit in peolpes faces, then open a fucking word document or something, but don't write your rubbish where peolple have to see it, keep it to yourself or go somewhere else. and this is directed to the very brave "anonymous" who doesn't even dare to write his/her own name, and also to the incredible Sarah who seems to have caught a really bad case of mouth-diarréa.("grow up, motherfuckers")

wow.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

And you both want to talk about emo. Go find a nice warm closet somewhere, tie one side of a rope around your neck and the other around a hanger and see where it gets you... Everyone please read me and grow the fuck up. Music isn't about what it means to your peers... or intermanet handitards, it's about what it means to you. If this song moves you, let it move you... If it doesn't.... Move the fuck on. =)

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