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Performed by Eels

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memory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/07

this is an awesome song, it tells me to let go of stuff i know i should done so long ago. oh well, i love this song anyhow

Makes me sad... | Reviewer: Mr | 5/26/07

Something sad about this song but etherial and beautiful.

My friend had it for her husbands funeral - he was ill and it fitted really. makes me sad to hear it in Shrek2 but at the same time it summed him up.

thoughts | Reviewer: shell | 5/18/07

I can't stop listening to this, there are things i've got to let go, and i love this song.

It's brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/07

I love it, it's so deep, there's no drama, but you can feel the sorrow... It remind me how I feel when every day is grey and you just don't know how to bring back the sun in your day

memories | Reviewer: sandra | 4/8/07

this song brings back some memories, i love it.
can't stop repeat it on my music list.

Yeah... | Reviewer: Envy | 4/5/07

It's sad and calm. What else could you ask from a song? I really like it... It remains me of... Rain? Yeah, rain... Plz don't ask why...

Amazing | Reviewer: Nelo | 3/18/07

This songs tempo, the beat, and singer bring it together to make a masterpiece.

Choon! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/05

This is such a choon! Brilliantly put together, it really works!
Good work!!

Brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/05

This song is one of the nicest around. Beautifully composed, everythign fits in perfectly. A real tearjerker.

What a wicked song!! | Reviewer: Dan Jeffcoat | 8/12/04

This song is part of the soundtrack for the Shrek 2 movie. It has a really catchy introduction and chord sequence, which is simple and really effective. The style of singing is great, and the lyrics are pretty cool too! What a song!!

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