Heartwarming | Reviewer: Casey | 11/11/07

I abosolutely love this song!! I listen to it over and over. The lyrics just catch you and you get stuck there 'till the songs over.. This song brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. I just luv it.

OMG i love this song | Reviewer: sam | 10/19/07

this song is amazing..its on my myspace and its me and my girfriends song =) its absolutly awesomely Amazing!

Love Songs | Reviewer: sierra | 10/3/07

this song is inspiring to me. it shows that someone messed up and they stll want to be there.... kinda gives hope.

great love song | Reviewer: katie | 9/25/07

i love this song so much. everytime i hear it, it reminds me of my boyfriend and me. this song should be played on valentine's day for all couples in the usa that are in love

nice song | Reviewer: swit | 9/17/07

this song is my favorite... it means a lot to me...My first love sing it to me during the time he courted me...

I luv this song!!!! | Reviewer: annonymous | 9/19/07

This song is so awesome i luv it so much!!! And when perforemed with Edwin McCain's amazing voice it makes the song even better and makes u feel like its for u. i wish more songs were like this one!

amazing | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/14/07

This song is so amazing, it means so much to me. Me and my ex boyfriend talked on and off for three years and we hangout every once in a while now but its a long story. I just wish he would open up and tell me how he truly feels...

like this song | Reviewer: awinn | 9/13/07

i like this song very much
i play this song every time i came back from campus
it make me feel relax and i wish i could be like the character in the song

Love this Song | Reviewer: Anna | 9/9/07

Every time i hear this song i break out in tears. I absoutely love this song. it reminds me so much of me and boyfriend. This is also my myspace profile song. i love it so much.

amazing..... =) | Reviewer: cat | 9/6/07

thissong is abosolutely amazing... it makes me teary eyed everytime i listen to it and this is going to be my fiance's and I's wedding song...

so good but it makes me cry ='( | Reviewer: MySpace url: mcr_rocks91 | 9/1/07

I wish a guy would feel this way about me again. This is so romantic & it says exactly how I felt wit my ex-bf =(

Fond Memory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

I was fifteen. I was homeschooled and never been to a dance. I ended up going to a choir dance, where I sought out the darkest corner and hid, and would have stayed there the rest of the night if it hadn't been for this wonderful boy who wouldn't leave me alone. He kept me company when I felt timid and ignored by the rest. And then he asked me for the final slowdance.

This is the song that was played. I can remember him singing along, and it was so sweet. I think that night is when I started to fall in love with him.

It's been several years now, and he's off at college. And we're in love. Every time I hear this song, it brings back that first night when I was just a scared little girl who felt invisible, and he was the sweet boy who saw her anyway.

i abslutaly love this song | Reviewer: alissa | 8/14/07

my verry first one and only true love sent me this song on my cell phone when he knew i was having a really bad day. the next day he gave me a note with the lyrics to this song hand writtin by him and at the end he wrote. I will always be here for you no matter what. you are my girl and no one will ever change that. no one can take you away from me. and i will never let anything happen to you. i would travel athousand miles to be with you all across the earth and back. now i am a freshman in highschool and we have been dating for almost 3years. this song truly means alot to me.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

this song fits mine and my boyfriend so perfectly and i love him with all my heart it's an amazing song it really is

<33333 | Reviewer: CDO. | 8/4/07

this song brings tears to my eyes. this is me and my baby's song and i miss him so much right now. i can't wait to see him. <3