goood song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07


Jessica Alba loves this song! | Reviewer: Jessica Alba | 4/21/07

"Actually, come to think of it i believe Edwin Mccains I'll Be is the greatest most romantic song alive. I could tottally be wooed be it. Just play it and Im in for it, you'd get me right in the sac."
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Love it. | Reviewer: Rachel | 3/9/07

This song has the endless and amazing ability to steal my breath every single time I listen to it.

Even though it reminds me of my ex, I still manage to love it through the painful memories.

very nice | Reviewer: Jeanine | 3/8/07

this is a very poetic and beautiful song. You can just imagine a couple dancing as it plays :)

omg. [[adorable]] <3 | Reviewer: danielle | 3/8/07

I absolutely love this song. Its the absolutely delicious cherry on top of my cake. I Love I'll Be. It Reminds Me So Much Of Me && My Loving Boyfriend. Gosh Lemme Tell Ya He Is [[Perfect For Me]] Just Like This Song.

Love You Edwin McCain.
Danielle J. Norris <3

tears | Reviewer: kateland blievernicht | 3/4/07

the first time i heard this so i let out a burst of tears...and i now still do..because this song reminds me of how much i cared about this one guyb that i used to be in love with...and i still am in love with...and i just don't knwo how to bring that upon him..but this song explains exactly how i am for him!

Wow | Reviewer: Mikey Myrus | 2/28/07

I have searched for the singer...I found him and the lyrics are so heavy. This is a song that truly is about love and life. Great song.

THE BEST | Reviewer: Denisa | 12/16/06

I am from Slovakia and first time I heard this song in Dawson´s Creek. Long time I could´d find who is the song from. It was one of the best songs I have ever heard. Now I´m geting married and this gonna be my wedding song because I really love it. For the rest of my life, this song will be in my heart.

Little confused here? | Reviewer: Fujidanny | 10/22/06

This is really a great song, but I've heard 2 different version of it and that's not including the acoustic one. Who sings the other version? Does Edwin McCain sing two different versions, or does someone else sing it?

Still Incredible! | Reviewer: Suresh | 10/13/06

(last post/review; 8/4/2005)

Eacht time when I play this song, tears just start to roll...(how soft can you be huh?) But still, it just cuts like a knife and expresses an immaculate, unconditional love/feeling for the one you love(-d)

My advise; Don't play it to'll appreciate it more eacht time you'll hear it!

I'm even not telling anyone of my friends about this song, so it 'll be a real special song when I play it for the one I love...unless she already knows it ;)

nice goin' Mr. McCain!

theres a guy i want but cant have | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/06

this song makes me think about this guy i started talking to a couple weeks ago. we live hrs apart and are both in relationships with different ppl. all things are possible, and this song is good to hear when you need to be reminded that life is too short to unhappy.

THE GREATEST WOOING SONG KNOWN TO MAN!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/06

Gentleman, this song by Edward McCain, is the perfect song to seranade a woman with. just stand outside her window, and let it fly, you might have the most absolute worst voice, but she won't care a bit. I have sung it after losing my voice and the girl still loved it.

FOR ME N EDWARD!!! | Reviewer: maria | 8/30/06

This song is great for me and my boyfried edward its the best love song every i dont care how old this song gets it will still be the greatest love song ever written!!!

Greatest Song | Reviewer: Ron | 7/4/06

This is the most romantic song I have heard. It say just what is felt and expresses it in words. Edwin has the perfect voice for this song. I dont think ANYONE could do this song better.

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Stephanie | 5/25/06

I absolutely love this song, its the best love song ever made,i could die listening to this song, its perfect.I can never hear it enough,Edwin is very talented,beautiful song!!