I'll be | Reviewer: hagashi nakuto | 3/5/10

this song's one of the few songs that fit my voice . last night was our HS dance and then the slow dance started to play and i was like making dance pairs for my friends and couple friends and it was fun . after all the matching i was like tired and fulfilled and soooo sweatyy . i sat on 1 of the farthest chairs at the back bcoz i was nvr eexpecting sum1 would dare 2 take me to dance . i was shocked when sum1 did . he was my crush whom i used to treat rudely before .. he was the 1st to tke me to d dance , after him a couple aked me to .. and then him the last ( danced with me again) . this song played 2 and i ws like singing along ... :'D thanks to him i could barely move in the right rhythm coz i was nervous it was my first time to dance like that . slow dance . =[ oh and i got the prom queen award :D

this is what I told her.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/10

the first time we met, I know she's really the one whom I wanted to dedicate this song to. This song really gave meaning to my life. It's like my precious one.Love singin' it always together with her.

our song | Reviewer: thirza | 12/30/09

this is our song.. the whole time i was dating dan he would play this song just so he could dance with me.. about four years later.. he got tickets to see edwin mccain in concert at alittle bar in grand rapids michigan.. i had no idea what was going to happen next.. but when the last song of the night I'll Be was being song Dan asked me to marry him.. and at the wedding we had I'll Be as our wedding song.. who would have know almost 9 years later every time the song comes on we still dance, cry and love each other..

hidden love | Reviewer: tani | 7/3/09

i do love some body named M... but he doesnt know that how much i do truely love him.im gonna dedicate this song to him.and hope some day dance with him by this song on our wedding night.pray for me to this happen.

meaningful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/09

teenagers inspire in this song every time that we use this song in our prom or formal party every teens feel the message of this song .i hope the composer of this song make another song inspired by the teens..

our song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/09

this is mine and my boyfriends song. we were looking for so long for a song and finally just gave up and one day he was going through cds and this came on and i was like this should be our song and hes like i was thinking the same thing.at the time i wasnt thinking and that same night my parents had the music on and my mom (my step mom) played this song and turned to my dad and was like this is our song and i just laughed because it was mine too! i love my boyfriend so much and when we get married this will be our song. =)

cant get better | Reviewer: Miranda | 5/28/09

I was in a great relationship with an amazing guy before it all went down the drain. We were together for almost 2 years. A week before we broke up, we danced to this song at our high school prom. That was over a year ago. He and I now have a beautiful little girl, and even though he can be a asshole sometimes, he dedicated this song to our daughter. He is not involved much, but he loves her. My daughter is 4 months old and doesnt understand what the song is about, but this is the song that I play her every night as she falls asleep. She smiles up at me and sighs and falls asleep in my arms. This is a song that will always bring me great and special memories!!!!!

Meaningful | Reviewer: thesadbeholder@yahoo.com.ph | 5/12/09

Hi, my name's Edwin(no joke),
my real name's Edwin Joseph CastaƱeda
this song is very meaningful for me,
I sang this at a singing contest once, and luckily, I won,
and 2 months later, when I courted my Girlfriend, the song just started playing, (we were at McDonalds, I was 21 then,), and 1 year and 2 months later, when I was about to ask her to marry me, in the restaurant(in a hotel), the singer started singing this song, I had a really good feeling that night... but she never arrived, it turns out, the car she rode that night crashed...
I still haven't moved on, it's been 2 months since that day, but i know that she wouldn't want me to be sad,
so, 3 days from now, I'm going to sing this song again in another contest, and I'm going to dedicate it to her... win or lose, It doesn't matter... I going to sing this song for my beloved girlfriend, for my beloved Tara...

first love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/09

this song was the slow dance song at my first formal high school dance. everyone sang to it and it was perfect...now everytime I hear this song I think of how much I love the guy I brought even thought the dance was three years ago.

wow | Reviewer: Zoexxx | 4/6/09

my friend just learnt how to play this on the piano. . he sent me a video of it and i fell in love on the spot.. it has amazing feeling in it.. i just listen to it over and over again... its one of those you can never get tired of. when i get back with the guy i truely love, i'll dedicate it to him. Edwin McCain. . . you are truely genius <3

My wedding song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/09

This song was my husband and I's song. we were getting remarried in June of 08 but he was killed easter of 08. this is the song we were gonna play at our wedding. I instead played it at his funeral. This song always made me feel so much love for him and I would cry everytime I heard it. it always reminds me of the 18 yrs of love we shared

very meaningfull | Reviewer: heather | 2/26/09

every time i hear this song it makes me really happy to know that there are still great songs out there. from the first time i heard this song i fell in love with edwins voice. im really glad that i got a chance to have a favorite song and ill have to say that this is it. its great and ill always love it. i hope in the future that he will have another one that will mean as much to me as that one does. its a great love song and if i were in love i would want this to be a song that we dance and cuddle to. its brilliant, i love it.....

our song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/09

this is the song that me and my boyfriend have as our song. one day i asked him what song reminded him of me because i was jokin around. i didnt expect him to answer. but he told me this song and since i had never heard it before, he played it for me and i loved it as soon as i heard it. we have been together for about ten months now.

omg love it | Reviewer: cheekychicks@hotmail.com | 2/6/09

i dedecated this song to my gawjus girlfriend. its everything she means to me in a song i love her with al my heart n my heart beats for her every beat is hers to keep!!
peace out there should be more songs like this 1!

another good 1 is halo by beyonce my girl dedecated that 1 to me love that 1 aswel!!

kirsty loves kristy 4eva baby xxxx

my feelings put into words | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/13/08

A woman I had lost 35 years ago and found last April sent this song to me. I listened to it over and over and it was my feelings put into music. I cry whenever I hear it now because we are no longer together, but I still love her and am glad for the time I had with her. I hope she feels the same. My love for her will last till my last breath.