the brown strands eyed guy... | Reviewer: bi@bebex | 12/29/13

This song used 2 remind me of this one guy, a few yrs ago. Well he's got the strands in his eyes that color them wonderful which stop me n steal my breath like 4 ever! Sooo we did hangout awhile n then i finally told him that i like him alot n i had feelings 4 him. I was sooo madly deeply crazy 4 him but he didn't react in any way at all. N the funny thing is i was too young and i acted too childishly towards him...
So this is when the song comes in; "I'll be better when i'm older , i'll be the greatest fan in your life"... to be honest this guy was my neighbor, yeah he was...
if you're reading this guy

Love | Reviewer: Kirsty | 4/14/13

I have loved this song ever since I was a teen and it was in Cinderella story, iv been with my other half for 10 years n we r getting married this year. Im walking down the aisle to this song! I think the words say it all! :)

I think it has lots of meaning, not just romance. | Reviewer: Sabrina | 1/24/13

He's not singing in first person. These are some of the things that the supportive person in his life said to him. "remembered the things that you said." Some of the lyrics are the things they said.

I dedicated this song to my best friend in the entire world, my cat Merlin. He was there for me in my childhood when no one else was. He supported me. The lyrics to this song spoke to me about overcoming suffering, pain and loneliness. I'll be better when I'm older... I'll be the greatest fan of your life ... And I've dropped out, I burned out, I'm on my way back from the dead. (It's about support) I tuned in , turned on , remembered the things that you said! These lyrics aren't just about romance. You are all missing some very profound messages in the lyrics.

wish me luck | Reviewer: Austin | 12/27/12

First off Danielle from above your review really speaks to me this song also touched me though not in the same way A while back I really liked a girl but I couldn't get her to date me but she kept trying to hook me up with her friend instead so in a moment of pure stupidity I asked her friend out and she said yes and so we dated all the while I was going closer to k... and not my gf I was really a terrible boyfriend in that year which meant it was no surprise that she finally dumped me however by that point I had grown very close to k..... and we kept getting closer until I realized what kind of person she was so I cut things off. And now its all over right.... wrong her friend snuck back up on me and I finally realized how amazing of a girl she really is but how I can I expect her to take me back then I heard this song and instantly it brought all of my feelings of her to perspective and in such a beautiful way now I plan on writing her a description of my feelings as best I can and then singing her this song so wish me luck:-) ....but however that turns out this song is and forever will be dedicated to you Shanna.

Secretdedicationto26 | Reviewer: Aleealfonso | 10/20/12

I love this song... I never got the chance to appreciate it until i felt recently that i was and will be the biggest fan of this guys life. Supporting and cheering him on through whatever. We lost what we had,but up to now after he caused me tears,i still love him. 26,if you're reading this, please know how much you mean to me up to now. I'll always be,your biggest fan. Iloveyouyabs.

For ma baby | Reviewer: Bk2 | 1/2/12

Wow! I jus simply luv da lyrics of dis song.previously, words could'nt describe how i felt for ma angel... Listening 2 dis song made me realise dat im truly the greatest fan of her life! TANYA(Jannu) if ur reading this,know dat u'll always be ma 1 n u babe always n forever...

secong year boy , | Reviewer: thrina | 10/7/11

I'm in love with the second year boy, named Kyle. When I first saw him, my heart melt. Even if we don't belong together, I still love him. Even he hurts me a lot, I still love him. I love you Kyle Santiago.

To Taylor Fitzgerald | Reviewer: Dave Fitzgerald | 6/24/11

This song speaks straight from the heart. This was our wedding song and was the best day of my life. Some where down the line i lost apart of me that did not hold up to the lyrics in this song. Since we have been apart i have grown back to the man you married and who you fell in love with when you first met me. Just like he says " I'll be better when Im older". I know it has only been three months but in those three months i have grown older, maturely and i will and want to be your greatest fan again. So please tell me we belong together. I Love You Taylor Fitzgerald.

I Meow you | Reviewer: Danielle | 5/20/11

It's been rough the last two years, I lost my mama to Breast Cancer, then a few months later I lost my papa over in Afghanistan,he was retired military or so I thought.. I feel in my heart he missed my mama,so he wasn't careful. I miss them so bad. I live in Florence Italy, I am alone now. I'm 27 and still a virgin. I met this guy a few years ago Xavier. I had a stroke from a brain aneurysm and he was there to help me through it. He loved me then. He was living with the fact he will probley be taking care of me for the rest of my life. He's was only 30 at the time. After alot of private nurses and rehab to walk again and waiting to be able to use the restroom normally, Xavier stayed by my side,never giving up on me. I got better. Right after that is when my papa got killed in Afghanistan, At the time was in the United States,when I got the news, I was still devastated from my mamas death. The day my papa was called over there, me and him got into a bad argument, he said he loved me and tried to hug me and my stupid ass pushed him away, didn't say I love you back or nothing. Yes I took that for granted I lost my papa 2 weeks into this his return to Afghanistan, my papa knew the mission well, he had been on more dangerous missions before this one. That's why I feel he just gave up. He missed my mama. He wanted to be with her again. So they were in the moutains where they were staking out some Osama bin Ladens head Alqaeda. They stormed and killed his eldest son and his men. My papa sent his bomb squad in to make it safe for the rest of the platoon to enter this dwelling. He knew of all the risks of going in before it was ok. He went in rested against an interior wall and there hidden in the wall was a wall mine that killed him instantly. He knew about things like that, that's why I say he missed her. So I got called to our base Kabul to travel with the ramains of my papa to be buried in Florence. After just a few days after the funeral, I was really going through it again. A few days later my boyfriend Xavier went MIA on me I needed to hear his voice, to calm me. He went to some stupid 420 party and in the state I was in I was on valyum and suicidal, he just disappeared all night. I went and hurt myself over him, feeling so hurt over my parents. I lost 80%of my blood and by the time the ambulance got there I was at deaths door. My Kidneys shut down my heart then my brain. All my life poured put on the floor of my papas house. They said I died 2 times getting to the hospital. After they fixed me up where I was breathing on a ventilator, my body went into renal failure and kidneys were gone, so by then I had to have a Kidney Transplant, and the whole time I'm getting my Kidney Dialysis my boyfriend was falling for my cousin that was making him feel better about me. I was so far away in Italy. In the end after a few months waiting on the transplant list, my beeper went off I got my transplant and getting my strength back so I could hopefully make the long 18 hour flight back to the states. In the end I caught text messages and phone calls between them. He was the man I would marry and give myself to. Well it's been almost 2 years and no trust for each other. I figure it was him feeling so guilty for falling for my cousin we have Been through more then a married couple in 10 years of marriage can possibly go through. We still have not made love and we are on our last legs, or as he told my cousin were going down hill fast. I will only love him till I passawy. My heart is his. I dictated this song to him a few nights ago he broke up with me again. I will forever love him, he stayed with me. I think in the process him and I have been through to much. It's to hard anymore. I am dieing inside. His panda bear forever. We played sloth. I'll miss him. ADCXLC ETERNITY 11-11 May11 09 when we started dating.

What did she say? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/10

In the lyrics near the end of the song

"I tuned in, I turned on, remembered the thing that you said."

I wanna know what it was that she said, that obviously had a lot of meaning behind it to inspire such a great song.

i love her | Reviewer: chad | 10/3/10

im in love with this girl. we hooked up one day during the summer. theres one problem. she lives 45 min away and i dont have a car. last night i had an amazing night with her. we slow danced to this and at the end we had the most amazing kiss ever. i cried a little when she left. but this song makes me think of her. this is and will forever be, our song. i love u shannon

the one that i loved | Reviewer: jonathan godinez | 7/8/10

i really love this song so much since the first time i heard it
and it always reminds about the girl that got away from me in
high school. we became best friends and then after that i began
to have feelings for her so i decided to make a move to ask her to
be my gf but she said she would think about it then after a week of
waiting she told me no and she told me she only wanted to
stay friends. for months i was heartbroken but till this day after two years
since high school no matter what i still love her and hopefully one day she will
be mine and when that day comes i will sing her "i'll be" and it will be most greatest
thing of my life i will ever do for love.

to the one that got away this is for you: alyssa trull , xoxoxo

Best Friends | Reviewer: Shelley | 6/16/10

This was the first song I ever slow danced to. It was at a club a week before I turned 19 with my best friend Josh. I was never a good dancer and at the clubs I danced at all the guys swung me around and I awkwardly went through the motions but it always felt weird. Josh had been my best friend for a while but we had never done anything like dance together. That night when we danced to this song though I couldn't believe how perfectly I fit in his arms and how right everything felt. We had both been through some pretty rough stuff in the past year and we helped each other through it just like best friends are supposed to, but we never thought we'd end up falling for each other. Now he's my boyfriend and both of us agree that we're happier with each other than we've ever been with anyone else. We might never have realized how perfect we could be together if it wasn't for this song. :) I love him so much.

To My Little Brown Eyed Baby Gurl!!!! | Reviewer: BJW | 4/29/10

WOW this was well written song. I am a song writter my self but I could never write something this great. but anyway My Baby Gurl is truly great girl I love her so much and she knows that I do. I am her greatest fan of her life. We've been through alot in the past 6 years. there is alot of songs that I would give her. (i'm yours,I'll Be, My Heart Will go on, Brown eyed girl, and so many more.) I would do anything I mean anything for her. some of you think from what i have written we never fight but we do. but we always talk it out. Bridget if your reading this I just want to tell you baby that your truly my soul mate and my one and only. I love you with all my heart.

a very special girl | Reviewer: justin | 4/25/10

This is a for a very special girl. I proposed my feelings for her, but shes not ready yet. We're still the greatest of friends, and still care for each other. I know we're still young (20) and I'll stick around until we're both settled. This song really reminds me of her, because I feel that it talks more about the future and how love can turn out so beautifully. She's got that special quality, something that'll last forever. One day I'm going to marry her. I love you lilian.