greatest country vocalist of all time | Reviewer: johnnyd& | 5/21/13

I think eddie arnold was the best ever, because he did country
songs, and many other songs that bordered between country and
popular hit parade music in his carear. he did the song called
m-o-t-h-e-r a word that means the world to me, but I could never
find out what year he recorded it.

Eddy Arnolds Half Brother | Reviewer: Carol Taylor | 7/10/11

I recently met eddy arnolds half brother who's name is also Eddie Arnold Jr. He told me everyone calls him Mr. Ed. He sold Sunboy who became the horse on Mr. Ed on TV. He lives near me. Was interested in recent posting on person who said was related to Eddy Arnold.

Cool! To be related to such a talented guy! | Reviewer: Jacqueline Arnold | 4/10/11

I found this biography on eddy arnold as I was trying to find out more info about his life. I have never met him or anything, but am related to him. My great grandfather and his father were brothers. I never got ot meet my great grandfather as he passed away before I was born and my grandfather wo knew Eddy died when I was 1. I love country music and am now going to start listening to Eddy's and see how I like it. I now live in Missouri but was originally from florida and I still have relatives in florida and georgia and I am assuming now Tennessee as well. Any relatives who would like to talk I am in the 417 area code of missouri (I don't want to list my number or email. I think it is cool to be related to such a country music legend and would love hearing form anyone who knew him better.