Jazlin Romo | Reviewer: Jazlin Romo | 8/8/14

Idk really know him but I like how he sings and the music is very inspiring to many people Cruz like I love to sing and my voice isn't that bad but well im scared as hell when it comes to people and crowds but end is very inspiring on what he writes and on his music

Edward Christopher Sheeran | Reviewer: Julia | 2/19/14

Ed Sheeran's music has made my love for music go way deeper than it already was. He has inspired me in many, many, ways! He is such a great song writer, human being, singer, and he's so great with a guitar and a loop pedal. Ed is so talented in many ways, in the past few years he has gotten big in the music industry and I love that! I have never heard one person say Ed Sheeran is a bad singer or a bad person. Ed's songs are not just words with a tune in the backround, Ed's music is deep and touching and he puts himself in other people's shoes. Ed is SUCH a wonder lad, he is so great I can't explain it all, but I can say I love him greatly and I am so proud of him! Love you Mate! xxxx

wow | Reviewer: pricille | 11/7/13

I love his song my fav is small bump it really reminds me of some one baby his songs really make me feel like getting stonger he sing like an angle wow he is amazing I love u​ ed sheeran wow wow wow am crying right now because am listening to small bump wow wow wow wow wow wow wow I love him !

Edward | Reviewer: Mariane | 9/1/13

My life is changing a lot these days and I'm not a real fan of change. I mean, I like it, but I find it hard to handle. I listen to his tunes every day in the tube and his music makes everything a lot easier to handle. I won't say he's my life, I won't say he's the most talented man in mankind history, but I'm sure gonna say he's a very good musician. Of course, like everybody else, I'd like to meet him a lot.
Thank you for making my life a little less hard. ♥

Ed,A Global Sensation | Reviewer: Majin Peter-Elias | 8/2/13

I'm a Nigerian 16 year old,I love Ed so much,I devote everyday to playing my guitar(though mostly ed sheeran songs,lol)...back in my country most people don't have regards for Ed's type of music...but I tell you he's my driving force,I wish to be like him. Pam.peter@ymail.com

Ed Sheeran: The Most Amazing Man in History | Reviewer: Kayley April | 5/6/13

Ed Sheeran is the most amazing man in the history of the universe. The way he sings is like an angel and what he sings about is probably some of the deepest and most amazing things that I have ever listened too. I love him so much and I hope to God I can meet him and if all my 11:11 wishes come true then maybe I can marry him. Uggggh. He is so perf I could cry. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ED.<3

Music is Life. | Reviewer: Caitlin Selder | 5/13/12

I love Ed Sheeran's music he is so talented I am so glad he choose singing and not acting but I am sure I would love him doing that just as much. Alot of people say music Is their life but I say that music gives meaning, Music is Life.