Rememberence | Reviewer: Tougher67 | 12/29/13

It's been 30years since it's release' and yet people still wonder it's true meaning. The fact were still about talking it know tells us the brilliance of a beautiful lyric.Personally, I will never understand its beautiful,dark,guilt,hurt vulnerability lyricism"buts it's a piece of work that has stood the test of time

Donnie Darko | Reviewer: Imran | 10/5/13

This song is literally a synopsis of the movie Donnie Darko. If you have not watched that movie then you have obviously not lived yet!!! the movie starts out with the song Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

which is fucking sick because the entire song is basically a manifestation of the movie

the lyrics are "Fate Up against your will" "The killing moon Will come too soon" and "He will wait until You give yourself to him" basically foreshadowing and telling us that donnie is cursed by his fate and the killing moon will come to soon is a warning for the end of the universe and the he will wait until you give yourself to him is basically about frank the bunny rabbit who forced donnie to give in to everything he said

A Love Story of 3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/13

A guy once told me, you won't be happy until you take control of your own life. He further explained that if you don't change things, your life will run in endless circles of unhappiness until you do. It is once you start making changes, and don't stop until you are satisfied, that you will finally find happiness. This song describes my current predicament with this guy. I am in a relationship that seems much like all the others and I have been repeating the same circle of unhappiness for years. But this guy and I have been brought together through fate and he is willing to wait for me to fix things because our connection is so rare and undeniable that it cannot be avoided. The lyrics "Killing time" definitely hit home for me because I feel like to be happy, I have to almost completely severe myself from the life I have been living.

the killing moon | Reviewer: chrissy | 8/25/13

I'm considering walking down the isle to this song. I think its about abandonment, love and losing control, and the part that is being killed and against your will is the freedom of being in control. I think it suggests that fate and something beyond your control makes you fall in love but when it happens, you give yourself willingly. (I may just be rationalising the slightly inappropriate lyrics for a wedding, to suit my purposes though)

death-existence | Reviewer: vanesiten | 6/16/13

Being alive and being conscious about it means to be doomed because we all know that our fate is dying; i.e. the price for the gift of consciousness is to know that It comes to an end, which cannot be undone.

Absolutely timeless | Reviewer: LTM | 4/8/13

Crystal, to put it bluntly, you're insane. It's not that as a metaphor for death, death as a metaphor for sex. It's a common connection that has been used over and over throughout the history of mankind.

This song stands the test of time. It's nearly three decades old but sounds like it could've been written last year...and it's still much loved, by new and old fans of Echo & the Bunnymen alike. It's beautiful. Nothing not to like.

Sinking suspicion | Reviewer: crystal | 3/30/13

I get the feeling that this song is about religion or "God" I get that same weird feeling when I hear Christian music playing somewhere. Christian songs always reference to "God" as "HIM" and other weird stuff like that. Either way I do not like the song at all.

My understanding. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/12

It is simply about a person knowing his life is coming to an end. "Death" is personified.

my take | Reviewer: shuttered moon | 1/29/12

I love this song. i think it's about a boy and a girl, but the girl is in love with another boy, who is waiting for her to give herself to him. the first boy is kissed by the girl, to see if she loves him but she doesn't, she's just his friend. because of that he commits suicide, against her will and dies, and the song is kind of his last thoughts.

Wasn't UNinvited, 5/5/10 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/11

Words are like fingerprints. I know exactly who you are. You aimed this song at me many times, but it hasn't a particle to do with...what'd ya call her, Elsa she-wolf of the SS, right? Yeah, the third verse to bedbugs an ballyhoo goes 'cigarettes and crewcuts/crewcuts and cigarettes, right? Yarrrr, hope ya make it back here to see this. UN? Really? I still have an invitation to a b-day party for Zane signed by Gavin and Isabella! Don't care for it the way you dislike lips of sugar. I regret giving you the power to hurt me, but it was fair to tell you the first day at Vernon mall-- YOU kept what hurts you a secret for months! Months! Okay, see how unfair? Ya coulda done better-- you thought I would be repelled? In the miserable condition I was in? Lost all friends after they found out what I did in AZ, and worse, shunned by family. That Dec night, you were the only one who had really talked to me in eighteen months. Still no excuse, I know. ...but you invited back to the Honda to make out...and then your home, and all the other secret places. How did you know I took her to union tower? If you saw me during those times, how could you keep it to yourself, and for use at some later time, like you did? So when johnny rotten came across the pond and ya lied about the deal, and all but dared me to spy on you, which, of course, I did. No more sex with you, because I saw how dirty that bloke's arse looked. I know cancer is caused by parasitic worms, in fact, it was prostitutes who taught me that....but I'm sure you were seeing through the eyes of your past, or some other clicheo.

I almost broke up with the girl I love today | Reviewer: Felipe | 1/11/11

I almost broke up with the girl I love today, but then this song came in my itunes on shuffle . Man I realized how much I love her and that I canĀ“t live without her. Thanks to this song I wont make this mistake again.

donnie darko | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/10

I have killing moon on my mp3. One sunny day i sat outside, lit up a nice mj joint and was listening to this. I looked up at the blue sky in a haze , i could see the moon in day light and in the far distance i could also see a jet flying across the image of the moon, instantly though of donnie darko, i was flying in the sky . Such a beautiful trippy moment , i love thisgroup

uninvited love? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/10

I love this song too I used to play it over an over again especially when I was thinking about a special some after reading the other reviews I'm shocked! lol I thought it's was a love song!!! but in 2nd and 3rd person about a man loving a woman he can't have and the anguish it causes him and her leading him on or it could b about a werewolf lol

eandb | Reviewer: Anonymus | 7/22/09

i really thought the song was about rape actually. but the double death is much more meaningful. my apologies. a closest friend introduced me to this song. his attempts at suicide are endless. beautiful intro

killing time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

im 15, i wish i was around when this song came out, because its so close to my heart. the killing moon was the boy i love the most in the world's song- we loved it. we decided the song was about a girl and a boy who were in love, and the boy killed himself. perhaps they had a death pact, and the girl knows the boy will 'so soon take her', even though its 'against her will'
the girl sees the boy in her dreams, where he kisses her and lures her towards him. 'he will wait until, you give yourself to him'
this song is constantly playing on my stereo. the boy i love the most in the world- it is our song. the boy i love the most in the world killed himself two weeks ago. perhaps ill see him under a blue moon, or a starlit night where he'll cruelly kiss me one day.