The Killing Moon | Reviewer: ed1970_Philippines | 11/28/08

I was a big fan of new wave bands during that 80's era. There were so many bands during that time but would you believe that UNTIL NOW (more the 20yrs), I'm still amazed by E&TBM music (i.e Killing Moon, Bring on the dancing horses, paint it black, seven seas, etc.)..Ian/Mac the mouth is really a great singer...he has a great voice. Wish they could visit the Philippines soon. Long live E&TBM. Thank you.

danni | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

even though im only quite young and wasnt around the time this song actully came out, but its such a brillient song to just sit there and think to. i love it :)

Amazing | Reviewer: MAJORA64 | 11/24/07

My sister got me into E&TBM and this was the song that struck me good. I love it! The guitar to me sounds almost japanese.

The Killing Moon | Reviewer: E | 9/17/07

I'm sixteen and my <i>mother</i> put me onto Echo And The Bunnymen... and she was right. I don't tend to believe her but I really should have that time and not waited to hear this song in Donnie Darko.
It's just amazing, it gives me the chills too...

timeless | Reviewer: Ted | 8/24/07

I totally agree with reviewer HH. It definately takes me back to an amazing time in my life. One of those songs that gives me chills everytime I hear it even in 90 degree weather. Used brilliantly in Donnie Darko which I recommend if you haven't seen it also...

Nice song | Reviewer: john | 8/16/07

Nice song its was the music track of shiloh greathouse in the sk8 video named first love..astig

Aparantly | Reviewer: Adam | 8/17/07

In one interveiw.
the man that wrote the song.
claimed the it was the best song.
ever written.

Killing Moon lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/07

He was standing in the shadows of a Bristol sidestreet one night, actually feeling some self loathing, feeling like some werewolf stalking his victim, when it was actually a boy he had a crush on that he was kind of stalking. He was killing time waiting for the boy to come out of a disco. Then the boy came out with another boy and they got on a motorcycle and left. It was then that Ian looked up at the moon and wished he had a machine gun, thinking it was time to kill.

cover version | Reviewer: Tom | 8/5/07

I heard a great cover of ''The Killing Moon"' by French Group Nouvell Vague.

gorgeous! | Reviewer: debby | 7/18/07

I know this song for years and it's still gorgeous! and the takes my breath away!debby.(belgium)

tHE KILLinG MooN | Reviewer: larry | 6/20/07


it's about love and death | Reviewer: HH | 6/17/07

the two biggies, fated to happen. i hear this as the hesitancy to accept both, and one person being more certain, or death being more certain. both can be received with caution but end in surrender. whether you agree with the interpretation or not, we all agree it's one of the best and most evocative songs ever. for me, an instant return to freshman year of college, with that beautiful album cover, to go with an incredibly exciting time. so, so good.

top tune | Reviewer: scouse billy | 6/3/07

top tune, really got me deep inside dat 1 like. might ave it at me funeral, either dat or going underground by the jam. dead good.

about a machine gun | Reviewer: mike | 5/26/07

yea this song is great..
heres what wikipedia said
Ian McCulloch once said in an interview with Smash Hits magazine that the song is about "A moon with a machine gun".

what's it all about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

Ian McCulloch once said the song was about "a moon with a machine gun"