Similarity | Reviewer: Jade | 8/26/11

I can't deny, this song is nice
But, my favorite song is by In Flames which is 'Moonshield' and the similarity between that song and this song is too much.
This band clearly copied In Flames to some extent, not only the lyrics seem similar but even later on in the song it sounds so much similar to a lot of songs by In Flames.

I'm guessing Ebony Tears may have been inspired by In Flames but I have a feeling that most of In Flames songs were copied by Ebony Tears, hence why Ebony tears was never as 'famous' as In Flames was.

OOOH my GOD | Reviewer: Therese | 8/10/04

This must be one of the best songs ever
listen to it and you never wanna hear anything else