Best Band in the World | Reviewer: Scott Duke | 12/19/13

I used to work for John Mellencamp and I have to say, I've always been an Eagles fan since I could remember and even after working for John Mellencamp for 7 years,,, the EAGLES are still the WORLD'S BEST GROUP. Awesome job guys, AWESOME !!!!!!! Keep the songs coming.....

Eagles are the best | Reviewer: John Avinash Rae | 9/11/13

I have heard many bands play great music, but to me the music of Eagles is the best. They have so much variety. The guitar interplays, harmonies and meaning of their songs make them the best band I have ever heard. Music is not about playing guitar licks for the sake of playing, but playing along with the tune of the main song. Only Eagles have it. I have seen many previews about which is better - Hotel California or Stairway to heaven and HC wins by more than a mile. I love One of these nights, desperado, tale it easy, take it to the limit etc. the list can go on. I will miss them very much the moment they hang up their boots. One final request to Henley and Frey - Please get Felder back with you guys. Stuart smith is good, but just cannot add up to Felder playing all the superb and lovely riffs.

Life of a white man | Reviewer: Rio | 4/23/13

First i wake up and eat chicken
I go to school and eat more chicken(popcorn chicken)
i come home go kfc and buy a boneless chicken from kfc

Chemistry, Goals, Values | Reviewer: Sonja J. | 3/14/13

Just like any relationship, in a band, there has to be chemistry, and the same goals and values must be shared - these can change along the way and that's when the relationship/band falls apart - which theirs did. Joe Walsh's addictions were way out of control, which hurt the band, and Felder wanted to be more in the spotlight as a singer, but neither Frey or Henley felt he could cut it, that caused discontentment on Felder's part, creating conflict in the band, and that's why he was kicked out. Frey and Henley are not only two of the most extremely talented musicians in the music industry, but they are two of the most extremely intelligent musicians in the music industry, and they were all about what will make the band successful. It was not about themselves - which is an obvious fact because they were already successful on their own, but they wanted the band to succeed and that was their priority. Sometimes there's a fine line between greed and what someone feels they deserve. Frey and Hendley were the only ones who had a subsequent successful single career and who had kept the Eagles music alive and thriving, so they felt they deserved more money when the Eagles reconciled. Tim was OK with it, Joe was OK with it, but Felder wasn't. Felder also didn't like doing benefits - no money in those. Felder cooked his own goose by not being a team player and feeling entitled, when he didn't deserve to be. It takes way more than being talented to be a great musician and part of a great band - it takes commitment, a team spirit, and just being grateful and happy to be part of something larger than yourself. The Eagles are up there with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in greatness and leaving a legacy of great songs, drama, and longevity.

Why the changes? | Reviewer: Stan Novak | 12/21/10

I understand it seems that the original 2 left or it seems,but don felder is such a exellant lead git player,I dont get it.Got to love Glenn Fry being from Detroit,great to see another det. boy done good. i dont live far from Royal Oak.Him & seger are icons man.RxR FOREVER bros!!!!!!!!!

Rod Laver Arena Melbourne | Reviewer: Karl Loibl | 12/22/10

Last night at the Rod Laver Arena the Eagles played with the sound that would melt in your mouth. It was a pleasure to hear their work rounding off this year with a wonderful christmas song. Like true professionals they left the best to the end "desperado" and "take it easy". I hope to hear more.

remarks on Felder | Reviewer: Stan Novak | 12/21/10

I think being a drummer ,guitar player & writer,Don played a great role in thier previous success,& I think if you have the rights for writing the song your already gonna get more,I meen it sounds like that Paul Mcartney & m.Jackson scenario.My opinion he played a large part to thier success in the past & should have got a fair cut,equal cut.How much $ does Henley & Fry want?GREED man whens enough,enough?Fry Markets everything man with his propertys to posters ,to t-shirts.Egos are a little to big man,none of those guys including Walsh can play lead like that guy.Now I aint buyin nothin they make.You to remember when you were hungry & not so self indulged in yourself & remember when it was about the music & playin in a band.You stabbed him in the back!!!!!aint ever gettin a dime of my $ & I wouldnt pay to see you.Stan

last night concert | Reviewer: Jack Taf | 10/28/10

I saw them last night In Ft. Lauderdale and they rocked the house! Slow songs and fast, country and rockin', story telling with great music and excellent guitar/vocals. They rank up there with the greatest bands of our lifetimes. I am amazed how accurate their music is. No slop, if there is a screaming vocal, they fit it into the 'music' like a velvet glove! They did solo Henly songs and James Gang/Walsh stuff too. I've been playing music almost fifty years now and I love what I call "music". Pleasant to the ear and without nausia. (Sorry 'Ragers' but I would rather feel good and be well) Today it is hard to find "real music", but it is out there! Keep your minds open and listen! All music is glorious!!! The Eagles "live" made me so happy to hear some of that "real music" again from the long past. I hope I get to hear more!

my lovely boys | Reviewer: alicia perry | 3/27/10

i am just a music fan and i love all kinds of music,but when i hear the eagles play it is definetly music to my ears,i love everthing about them,watch them on u tube all the time,they make me feel happy and excited love you guys ,dont ever stop recording

Long Road Out of Eden | Reviewer: Robert L. Frieman | 9/17/09

Congratulations to the Eagles on cutting a phenomenal new double album! "Long Road Out of Eden" and "Bad Grasp of the Big Picture" are two of their best songs ever, and by themselves worth the price of the album. Don Henley's lyrics really rip a new orifice in the wars and what's wrong with our nation and culture. There isn't a weak song on the double set. I would give this five stars out of five. If you are a real Eagles' fan, pick it up. You won't be sorry you did. P.S.: There are several great love songs and songs on other subjects on the set as well, so it's not just a political protest album.

First time I will see you in concert!!! | Reviewer: Debbie Tanner | 1/5/09

I am looking forward to seeing you in concert on January 24th, 2009, in Birmingham,AL. I have always enjoyed your music, and I have to say when I found out that I was going to your concert, I went out and bought "Long Road Out Of Eden". Well, you've done it again. Fantastic-CD!!

Just a few clarifications. | Reviewer: Faith | 8/22/08

Frey and Henley had met priot to that at Amos records. They also both hung out at the Troubadour. They were not hired as a permanent back up band. The four only played on gig together on Ronstadt’s tour in July 1971 at Disneyland. The success of the tour had give Ronstadt the power to insist her favorite road band come in for her recording. In addition, Ronstadt was also a veteran Troubadour performerSzymezyk did not come in on the second album. He came in on the album On the Border. Also it was his idea to bring in Felder (who Bernie Leadon already was friends with).
Schmit also replace Meisner when Meisner left Poco. It was Henley or Frey ( can’t seem to find the source at present) who said ‘when hell freezes over’ not the Eagles. Felder was with the band when they returned from their 14 year vacation. The band fired Don Felder in 2001 is why there is only the four remaining members currently.

Felter | Reviewer: Dale | 3/3/08

I live in a small town in eastern Nebraska.
I have heard that one member that was with your
group was originally from Norfolk, Nebraska.
Is this true and what up with him now?
I have a band and supposely he played in Norfolk
the night before I did, and I was trying to do
an Eagles song. Tough!

First Reunion? | Reviewer: Carmen | 2/28/08

I read where it says that the Eagles 1st reunited for an MTV special but wasn't there a reunion before this? Didn't the Eagles get together for Travis Tritt's video for their song "Take it Easy"? I believe this came before the MTV special.

my view about 'HOTEL CALIFORNIA' | Reviewer: tammy maphanga | 1/14/08

I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW WHATS GOIN ON,IN HOTEL CALIFONIA,ASKIN,FRIENDS BOUT THE VIDEO OF THIS SONG,THEY SEEM NOT INTERESTED,JUST SAY,IT JUST A VIDEO.BEING INTERESTED,I CONCENTRATE ON LYRICS.THIS SONG,SORT OF A HORRIFIC SONG,IF U COULD WATCH THIS MOVIES,HORROR,BUT THERES NO MUCH FIGHT,BUT PEOPLE KEEP DYING,NOT KNOWIN HOW.THE EVIL SPIRIT IS ALL OVER THE,parkin a car outside,and when you try 2sleep u cant,when u try 2 getaway,the car is gone.u can check-out anytime but u can neva.drugs whats so eva,i dont think,they are involve/related to this beautiful song.the guy is just telling a nice story,bout his expirience.