Where Are They Now | Reviewer: JamesHarmon | 12/3/07

I was curious to see is the names of the original members were listed, and they were. As well, I was looking for when Felder actually left the group--as well as with Meisner and Leadon. Where are all three now?
Current country music can thank many musicians and groups for blazing the trail, but the Eagles had it all. With the arrival of "The Long Road Out of Eden" we have been treated to something very special--that doesn't happen very often in the arts. We've received more than our money's worth, and at the same have time been given: a 'piece of the past', 'the present' to open now, and a tangeble, honest, and realistic 'glimpse of the future'. Thanks guys.

Always The BEST of the business | Reviewer: Penny | 6/7/07

The latest album is anticipated to be "GOLD" in my eyes, as the Eagles still make & perform music that is well expressed and truly entertaining.
I egerly await your newest album with all the heartfelt music to sooth my soul.

great | Reviewer: Adam | 5/17/07

the eagles may be the greatest band ever. glen and don are absoulty perfect solo and during harmonies. they have absoulty beautiful songs like "best of my love" and "sad cafe". "victim of love" may be the best song ever made. "doolin dalton" shows that glen and don are at they're best when both their voices are heard. this may be a horible review on them but im 15 so give me a break

great music | Reviewer: cameron herron | 5/3/07

i think the eagles is a good band that has had some really good music

one day at a time | Reviewer: joe molina | 4/2/07

we enjoy this song very much and played the vedio a thousand times maybe more, of joe walsh singing it in your farewell album. i wish you could e-mail me the lyrics of this song as my friends and company would love to sing the song with j.w. while playing the video in our next party. joe walsh just earned new fans in our group. i wish you guys more years of singing together and all the good things that your business can give all of you. good luck and we will see you in your next concert in las vegas or l.a.

dear Eagles | Reviewer: Lauren | 2/14/07

Dear Eagles i just want you all to know that you are my fav band and i realy want my room done with eagles all over it!!!! I know you probably wont email back to me but it was worth a try!!!! i am only 11 and i can play hotel calafornia and take it easy and tequila sunrise on the guitar they all ROCK i no all the words of by heartof all your songs!!!!!!!! 1 of the don henley called heart of the matter remindes me of my dead dog jaspar so i call it the jaspar song and it will always be my fav!!!! please try and email back i hope 2 hear from you all soon and take it easy!!!!! love from lauren kirkham xxxxxxx

Eagles are the best? | Reviewer: deloris waboose | 12/10/04

my mom is a big fan of the eagles? you are the best she like loves you..