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Performed by Eagles

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so naive ... | Reviewer: moe | 6/24/07

this song is referring to the Bohemian Club in california.

THC | Reviewer: Dark~Side | 6/21/07

And Also "The Hotel California" Initials are THC wich is a drug substence

Drugs | Reviewer: Dark~Side | 6/21/07

the song is about drugs and
Warm smell of "colitas"
Rising up through the air
colitas here means buddies wich means weed
and also
"We are all just prisoners here,
Of our own device"
And in the master's chambers
They gathered for the feast,
They stabbed it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the beast
means he isnt the onlyone addicted and they try to kill the beast(Addiction) but couldnt

I Think | Reviewer: Dark Side | 6/20/07

i think its about additing on marijuana as in
"Warm smell of "colitas"
Rising up through the air"
and also THC is the initials of the song and drug refrence
"We are all just prisoners here,
Of our own device"
And in the master's chambers
They gathered for the feast,
They stabbed it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the beast"

Means that he isnt the only one addicted ppl there got addicted and they try to "kill" it "But they just can't kill the beast"

A marriage | Reviewer: Anders | 6/17/07

I'm pretty sure the meaning of the song is a marriage as there are two distinct persons in the song, the narrator and a woman. The start of the song is about how he meets his love, and the title "Hotel California" is simply a symbol for the marriage. "This could be heaven and this could be hell" as the marraige could end ind both blizz or in pain. However the woman is both material (Tiffanytwisted mind and she has her mercedes). She also has lovers, which are the pretty boys that is just "friends".

From thereon, the marriage gets worse, and in the end is attacked by "steely knifes".

And in the end he runs from the marriage, gets a divorce. The fact that he can check out but never leave, means that the memory of both the love and pain will always haunt him.

This is just what I could make out of the song, might be wrong might be right, only think I couldnt really put a finger on was what the voices were.

The Meaning of Hotel California | Reviewer: Joe Smith | 6/10/07

All you guys are wrong, this song is about Anton LaVey's Church of Satan which just so happened to be a converted hotel on California St. I know this because i myself am a Satanist, the part where he says "...we haven't had that spirit here since 1969" when refurring to the guy wanting wine, He says this because Satanists don't drink wine because it represented "the blood of Christ" and how ironic that the Church of Satan was founded in what year??? Oh yeah, 1969. If you guys have any questions email me at

I thing so is no good song is better is the best song | Reviewer: Joe | 6/10/07

in all time thats song will be the best song
thank you

Hotel California | Reviewer: cc | 5/12/07

Its about some of their experiences with traveling on the road, dealing with drugs their devises, women they would meet along the way, how they feel they have sold their souls to have such an insane life, unable to get of it all.

hotel california | Reviewer: carolina felix | 5/11/07

the hotel does exist i visited on my way to los cabos in mexico its in the middle of the road a town called todos santos such a lovely place;)
it is not a mental health care center :)

The Real Meaning | Reviewer: Brittany | 5/9/07

This song is about druf addiction which was really bad in the late 60s early 700s.. Henceforth,,,,you can check out anytim eyou like but you can never leave... It is hard to escape drug addiction...

^_^ | Reviewer: Nicole | 5/2/07

This has got to be one of my many favorite songs!! My friend brought it up in school the other day (im in 8th grade) he was singing it in technology.

It is a quite creepy song if you really think about it. play it on halloween to scare small children

???? | Reviewer: sawgyi | 5/2/07

I ve heard llike that true story in my life before. Its real or not. The man who stay there for that night is .......

deep meanings hidden in nice words | Reviewer: hadi | 4/29/07

i think the true meaning of this song is about addiction,i have thought about it for times,but its very close to the dark situation of being addicted,and being in need of a drug that keeps you in a very beautiful prison...

You need to think of the times we were in back then... | Reviewer: Mark | 4/12/07

Everybody is wrong, but at the same time they are all correct of the meaning of this Great Hit song!
Let's not forget our history here, what were the driving factors of the time?
Sex, Drugs, and good ol' Rock and Roll!
And yes, I may have grown out of the drug part, but I still crank up the volume when a classic like this is playing!

The Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/07

I feel the song has whatever mening you need it to have. It's suppose to speak to everyone. It talks about cheating though, I think.

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