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Performed by Duran Duran

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This song is AMAZING!!! | Reviewer: Martin Skovgaard | 10/16/12

Mature Duran Duran at their very best. Beautiful lyrics.
Unfortunately DD myst be senile or crazy not to give this a proper release.
Duran Duran at their best beats every band past, present and probably future.

Should've been a hit. | Reviewer: The Bawbster | 6/4/10

Not sure why this was officially unreleased, same goes for "Virus". If not for the fact Duran Duran seem to get virtually no air-play (because they seem to be the popular band to say you dislike in North America), this song would surely be top 10 material.

Unofficially, you can get this song and more great gems (Virus, Beautiful Colours, Lonely Business...)
on the CD "Beautiful Colours (Astronaut Demos/Unreleased/Alternates)". It was originally available through their Fan Club. I got my copy through the "Duran Duran Store" in the UK.

Magical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/06

Beautiuful strings open this number and take the listener on a journey absolutly magical.

Absolutely beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/06

Why this song was left on the cutting room is truly baffling. I hope that DD releases it as a b-side or adds it to the upcoming CD. This song should not fade into obscurity.

Beautiful Song! | Reviewer: Ashlynn | 3/8/05

I believe this song is very soothing and i enjoy listening to it. It is a very hard song to find and if you get the chance, get it. Great song!!!

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