+62-856-234-9393 | Reviewer: gLowb@ll | 7/6/2008

The 1st time i heard this song is when i watch Val Kilmer's "The Saint". Yes indeed, this is one of OST. This lyric, i think it's more like loosing control of our feeling or ourself. There is (almost) no way forgetting someone the once we love (sincerly). The only one way out is, try find someone who is better than the last....

For me it's a great song writing (Music and Lyrics) and beautiful memories (1997)

Dedicated to:
"Dwi Harti Rachmawati" -(The Fallen Angel)

The best lyrics for a song!! | Reviewer: Scorpio Boy | 6/17/2007

All that he says in it, nobody could express in another way. The best way in forgetting someone is forget both selves! But, Who could?

this man is a genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/2005

this jeff buckley, nick drake inspired gentleman writes in a way that takes you on a journey. exciting and cranial but still accessable. this song is a perfect example of that writing. enjoy