FINALLY! Someone's close! | Reviewer: Sean | 6/15/14

Finally someone's close to what the lyrics actually are! I was tired of seeing "No sympathy, your tiger on grey". There are a few mistakes, though. I don't think he's saying "sicker fans", I think he's saying "sycophants" but I could be wrong. Also, "Will go and shout that shit for all who never learn" and "Well go and tell that shit for all who never learn" are both almost certainly "Well go and sell that shit to all who never learn". And then the line that comes right after sicker fans/sycophants, the beginning is wrong ("You gotta be sick and track") but since I have no idea what he's saying, I offer no corrections. It's good enough for me. But, all in all, thank you for finally getting it far closer. And for not putting "No sympathy, your tiger on grey."