Great song with lots of historical Boston references | Reviewer: Sky | 3/9/09

Great song by the Murphys, such devotion. It has alot of references to historical Red Sox figures.
For example "Nuf Ced" McGreevy is a reference to Michael T. McGreevy, the owner of the 3rd base saloon and leader of the loyal Red Sox fan club the "Royal Rooters". He earned the name McGreevy by the way he kept peace in his bar; when he grew frustrated with arguments over the Red Sox and the Braves he would pound on the bar and declare "Nuff said!"

Stahl, Dineen, and Young are all Red Sox players.

love dropkick | Reviewer: jamie | 9/23/08

I am a teacher and my kids and I listen to this in the classroom! They love it!!!! All their music puts me in a great mood...See you at House of Blues in AC- 11-07-08. I freaken love dropkick-by far my favorite band!!!

I Love the Dropkicks Murphy's!!!! | Reviewer: COsco | 10/30/07

Go Sox You RULE!!!!! I love you Ellesbury!!!! WoooHooo another World Series!! Dropkick's were awsome at the red sox rally with paplebon!!! WoooHoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still the greatest song for the last 3 years. | Reviewer: donnellan | 10/25/07

this song has been my favorite for the last three years, it means something to me since 2004. go sox =)

Tessie rocks | Reviewer: Leah | 6/8/07

Tessie is one of the Greatest songs about the Boston Red Sox keep on rocking Dropkick Murphys

I love it | Reviewer: Jered | 9/18/05

This is such a great song. Redsox you truly are the only, only, only