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DKM Live! | Reviewer: Green Snake | 4/16/2007

DKM is one of the best bands around today. Their CD's don't do them justice! To truly appreciate their music you NEED to see them Live! They throw parties not concerts! LETS GO MURPHYS!!!!!!

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awsome | Reviewer: DKM for life | 3/15/2007

best band in the world, their music isn't typical. they play so much variety i never get bored listening to them, although my family gets annoyed with insecent loudness and bagpipes.

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DKM RULE | Reviewer: Greetje (B) | 12/3/2006

dropkick murphys ruuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee
they do not just play very nice songs, with very nice music. They are just the best band in the whole f*cking world!!!!!!

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this band sucks and is awesome | Reviewer: weirdo | 9/18/2006

This band is pretty cool. Also they are all from Boston, and they typically think they are in Ireland. Dont you think they should be playing in the United Kindonm other then the U.S.

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a bunch of drunk irish guys with bagpipes play moshpit music and rock | Reviewer: david buck | 9/12/2005

wow on my gosh sounds stupid i know but these guys do somethin i have never seen before, they totally take modern mainstream punk and throw it out the window like true punk rockers from the 70's, a very good starting song to listen to by them is "barroom hero" which starts out with bagpipes blastin sounded like celtic roots and them the guitars scream in creating a hybrid of celtic and punk rock that is not only mosh pit worthy but worthy of goin to riverdance and punk rock festivals in london.

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