Fantastic composition | Reviewer: Sam | 6/21/13

This song is one of my favorites. So complex yet so melodic. THe last section of the composition with the drums, guitar and keyboard blows me away everytime i listen to it. Mike Portnoy has always been my hero, but in this song he just let his heart out and wrote something out of the world.

Words Cannot Describe... | Reviewer: Amanda K. | 5/28/13

This song is extremely moving. The vocals are beyond extraordinary! I'm (soon to be) the vocalist of a prog. metal band and singing this song is almost an honor. Even a female like myself can have troubles with such a powerful voice!

Amazingness in its pure form. | Reviewer: Letsmakesomesense | 5/23/13

I wonder why there are no comments yet. This song is like drug for me. Almost 10 minutes of an epic journey, so touching and moving it gives me shivers. The melody is extraordinary, not to mention the lyrics. I absolutely love the song!