DT's most beautiful tearjerker | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/14

This is easily one of my all-time favorite DT ballads and the one that most gets to me emotionally. The lyrics are beautiful and the melancholy instrumental background really grabs at my heart. I recall during the first listen I was already choked up and teary-eyed halfway through the song. Toward the conclusion though, it had crescendoed to the finale that emotionally floored me and I then totally lost it. I'm not ashamed to say I was overwhelmed to the point of bawling like a child. To this day I cannot listen to it and not get emotionally affected by it. It's that powerful. In my book, any song that can (both lyrically and instrumentally) move me like this is considered a masterpiece. And "Disappear" is definitely nothing short of being a masterpiece.

love this song | Reviewer: ASe Jawa | 10/19/13

i really loved this song.
every i was sad, i was angry, i always listenning this song. its made me more calm, more rilex about my felling's. its so great of the greathes song that i ever hear.
i loving it.

Disappear | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/13

This is in my opinion DT's best ballad. The first time I listened to it, I was haunted by the keyboards, like everyone else here. I remember when I played it on piano for the first time, I sang along with it, and my family was watching me play. By the last part, especially "And I'll carry on/The best that I can without you here beside me", I just broke down and cried. You know a song is emotional and powerful when it makes you cry like that, and I almost never cry. Even when I'm super happy and energetic, this song still gets to me and lowers my spirit a little.
I am considering performing this song at International Music Camp on piano.
I never get tired of this song. Even my mom says it's one of her favorite songs, and she does not like most subgenres of metal. She does have a number of DT songs she loves, and this is easily one of them. My grandma even likes this song!! :)
Best DT ballad ever. Whoever hasn't listened to this one yet, DO IT NOW!!!

This song... | Reviewer: Bhiswadeb Guha | 1/15/13

Everytime I hear it, the last line of the song...I so know how to cry.
This song is just such a relief feature to the heavy album. Brilliant like all other songs on the album, Disappear deserves a bit more recognition than what it has got.

correction to the correction | Reviewer: qwerty | 12/17/10

correction to the correction: war inside my head is not the shortest song because its actually a movement inside a long ass song. disc 2 is one song called "six degrees of inner turbulence" split up into its movements for convenience. disappear is the shortest song.

Disappear | Reviewer: Valaryc | 12/18/09

Correction. It's not the shortest song on the album. If you know your DreamTheater, this album was a 2 disc album. So technically, the shortest song on the album was "War Inside My Head", which is track 3 on Disc 2. It is 2minutes 8 seconds. But, I agree that this is an excellently phenomenal song. Gotta love DT. DT FTW!

Disappear Review | Reviewer: Josh | 8/23/09

This is an incredible song. Although it's the shortest song on the album, also the least heavy, it's amazing. The last stanza gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it and the keyboard is just chilling.

Disappear | Reviewer: Cole | 2/20/09

The first time I listened to this song I was simply haunted by the keyboard & ambient sounds, after I few listens I can reflect a time in my life which I felt in ways very well reflected in these lyrics. This song has remained one of my favorites simply because of it's delivery of the last stanza, I mean It's build up to this climactic ending, which has put a lump in my throat on more then one occasion, I don't think my emotions have been triggered better by any other song, I mean I just find it so powerful, ugh, I just simply love it.

disappear | Reviewer: real name:unknown | 2/3/09

a brilliant song from one of their best albums, the keyboard is haunting and the lyrics are exellent. Although it is the shortest song on the album, it is probably the least heavy and works well amongst the other songs on the album