Beautiful | Reviewer: Alex | 8/14/13

This is one of the more beautiful Dream Theater compositions, and although it's short, and only keyboards and vocals; it's still definitively Dream Theater. It's one of my favourite tracks off the Images and Words album, and it's never going to leave me...

. | Reviewer: alex | 3/13/11

you have to listen to this song at night, 3 o clock, and sit by the window. look at the moon (full moon would be best) and you will feel the song. you'll never forget this feeling.

short but awesome. dream theater ftw!

Images and Words | Reviewer: Big Mushy | 6/17/07

This is an amazing song from the album Images and Words, its a few years old but well worth it.

Haunting | Reviewer: Kathie | 6/6/07

This song has entered my soul....I just love when that happens.....I need to get it on a CD. I hope that's possible? Please e-mail if you know where I can get it. I Love this song! It's as if it were written just for me.