Insane | Reviewer: Anik | 3/26/13

This is the best DT song for me... the lyrics somehow match with my life also.....
even if u leave all the technical wizardry and stuffs patented to DT, the lyrics are also Godsend... \M/

Insanity | Reviewer: Matt | 1/7/09

Dream Theater are gods - period. Time and time again, with every album and every song they release, they prove over and over that they are one of the greatest progressive metal bands of all time.

I'm still waiting on their title song though. :D

True Prog-Metal | Reviewer: N.A.D.S | 11/14/07

With a track like this it is easy to see why Dream Theater are one of the most technically brilliant bands on the planet. With the essence of Heavy Metal and the constant Progressive side, the combination is heaven-sent thus creating a sheer brute force of notes and beats.

An instant metal classic!!!

kool!!! | Reviewer: santiago | 11/9/07

Dream Theater is the biggest band of the world. Petrucci is the best guitarrist!!! Dream will never fall down.

Dont awake me from this empty dream | Reviewer: Eréndira Ríos | 11/5/07

Dream is one of the biggest bands of the century showing us that the real music is still alive making each song a new stair to a heaven full of surrealistic magic