Hi | Reviewer: TheXakhil | 2/23/10

This is an incredible song by Dream Theater. I also love that Petrucci played a more melodic solo. I love Petrucci because he knows when to shutup. But anyway, great song by Dream Theater, and they are a great band.

These Walls | Reviewer: mic5150 | 10/18/07

I love this song as I can relate to it very much. The somber music fits the lyrics perfectly and the way James sang it is full of emotion. I'm also glad that John Petrucci didn't put a shredding guitar solo and instead did an emotional one here. Keyboard lines by Jordan is great here.

yeah | Reviewer: Asteroid | 10/6/07

My metal head friend made me listen to Octavarium (I'm a hell indie kid, really. ) and I'm thinking "Oh man I'm gunna hate this!" the intro riff to this is really really awesome! The whole song is pretty good, but I like the intro heaps.

Hey Brian ! | Reviewer: Jonathan | 10/3/07

This song is really great, not the best of this albulm, but it's a great song.
And Jordan fit with the band since the beginning,
it's because of him if Dream Theater's song are so good now ! So...Brian...In the future...Don't say stupid things like that...

Great song | Reviewer: someone | 5/29/07

I think this song makes an album like octavarium a great one this is one of many songs by Dream Theater that can realy make you love their work.

GO JORDAN | Reviewer: Brian | 8/25/05

I really like this song, because i feel in some DT songs Jordan doesnt go right with the rest of the band, but in this song he fits perfect, i hope more of there stuff is like this.