Amazing song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/09

This song is absulutely amazing and it's a great ending for this perfect concept album "scense from a memory" and it's really optimistic after everything that is told on the tragic death of Victoria and it also help people like me who have lost their loved ones when they listen to this beautiful makes me cry but in a good way (:

Written by the Angel | Reviewer: hans | 3/30/09

This song was written and composed in heaven by Angel. You will never found a perfect description of death in the greatest composition like this one. I am no longer afraid of death after hearing this song. Death was not the end........

The Spirit Carries on.... | Reviewer: JB | 11/1/08

This song is so powerful it's not even funny.
If you listen to the lyrics and the solo, especially the last solo it's amazing.
There is no sadness in this song, I know for me it helps me to remember the loved ones in my life that have moved on and their spirit does carry on and this always reminds me of them and helps me to remember all the good in their lives and the great memories of them. This song is so full of hope and so comforting to listen to when someone close passes away. It helps reinforce that we'll all meet again once our own spirit carries on.

what a song | Reviewer: greg | 3/13/08

Truly a great and touching song. DT is the greatest yet humble progressive metal band ever, and I've been their no. 1 fan; no other band is as good as this mixture of talented musicians. Wish they pay a visit and perform in front of their fans over here in Malaysia! keep on rocking DT!!

Great, great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/08

I love this song very much, it has a meaningful lyric, the maker of this song is a briliant man. Salute for Dream Theater. Keep Rocking!

Song | Reviewer: Nicolas | 10/11/07

This Song make my cry.

My Grandma Die Last Week , when the funeral stars , i put my i Pod and Sing The Song.

I Love The Way That The Song Express the Sensation of Death and how the Death can Influence in our persons .-

i'm shure that this songs is special for People who have one, friend , dad , mam , uncle or son who die!.

Well i know that my grandma listen my song when i sing it in her funeral!.


Her Spirit Carries On

wow!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

they are my gods.... i lov everthing about this one is better then them, they desreve a descent recognition for all thier skill.

Moving music and lyrics | Reviewer: Suzanne | 9/3/07

The Spirit Carries On was selected by my son's best friend to be played in a collection of his favourite music at his funeral in August. My son Michael ,19, died in a tragic fall and had been looking forward to a Dream Theater concert in August. The lyrics move me to tears each time I hear them. Music was so important to my son so it was an important part of his farewell celebration. This song will be a treasured part of our memories.

Beautiful. Just plain beautiful. | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/17/07

This song is just plain beautiful. It's so profound that it sometimes makes me cry. The solo is amazing, and the singing is perfect. In fact, the entire album, Scenes From A Memory, is just as amazing. Lets just say it's the song I want played at my funeral, because this song transcends all time and eternity with a message all who have been touched by death can relate to it.

woo | Reviewer: toan | 4/11/07

this song has a very beautiful lyric n' the singer sang it beutifuly too. i love it

The Spirit Carries On | Reviewer: Brit | 11/13/04

Frickin great lyrics with a beatuiful story linked to it, l;isten to all of Scenes from a memory. The beat is awesome and, its just a great song all around, especially when a girl sings Victorias part....oh man....

Quality | Reviewer: James | 9/28/04

th spirit carries on is a quality song the music is mad and the lyrics are so meaning full it reminds me of pink floyd