Beautiful Words and Beautiful Music | Reviewer: Austin Garcia | 4/4/13

I have always been a die hard dt fan. I consider them to be the Mozart of contemporary rock and metal. This song and these lyrics are beautiful and give a very valuable theme. If applied to the lifestyle, it bestows angelic characteristics and positive change in life. At least, that's what it communicated to me. Great song!

tear jerker | Reviewer: Elizabeth Charles | 7/27/11

Keep all of me
The desires that once burned me deep inside
Help me live today
And help to give me grace
To carry out your way

I am ready
Help me be all I can be
I am ready
Help guide me and keep me free

Literally gives tears to my eyes <'8

Resonant words | Reviewer: .tuonelanjoutsen | 6/28/10

The lyrics are astounding, give me chills and at the same time they make me speechless.

All the Receive stanzas are lirically some of the strongest and full of emotions that I have ever read by Dream Theater. It's touching. This song bleeds consciousness, and shows a lot of scars.

Without any doubt, a masterpiece.