A great start to an excellent, underappreciated album | Reviewer: Pete | 1/25/13

I know some DT fans come down on Octavarium because aside from a couple of tracks it's less "proggy" than some other DT favorites, but it's actually one of the band's better albums in my opinion. The album's sound quality as a whole is magnificent, and sounds incredible on a great system.

Speaking of this song specifically, it's a very focused track with excellent performances and ideas all around. DT's only real flaw to me is that sometimes they can get away from themselves in terms of cohesiveness, but this song exhibits none of this and is a great example of everything that makes DT a fantastic band: a tight, unified sound, great riffs and keys, excellent singing, well-composed lyrics, and incredible work from the rhythm section.

good, awsome lyrics (thats why am here right?) | Reviewer: Robert | 4/5/09

this song is about Mike portney's drinking obsession just like the three other songs he has writtin in co. with these songs, this is probably my favourite of the other three as much as glass prison is absolutely awesome there is just something about this song that makes it what is... the tone is just fabulous, especially in La brie's voice, they have used it throughout the whole octavarium album. I am currently writting a cover of this song, COMPLETELY different, its kinda blues and roots, cause thats what I mainly do, but all the lyrics are there. I am doing it for a friend of mine because he is an alcaholic :P.

Dream Theater once again prevails. | Reviewer: Corey | 10/2/08

This song has an awesome intro as if its made to be the intro to a concert, and so it was their opening for the 2006 world tour of Octavarium. The song combines awesome riffs and solo's from John Petrucci, amazing vocals from James Labrie that give it a great tone as well as Mike Portnoy opening the song perfectly. Awesome song. Dream Theater kicks major ass....again.

one word: amazing | Reviewer: TJ | 5/28/07

This song has pretty much everything you could want in a song, good riffs, sweet solos, wicked vocals and it just all around kicks some major ass. Dream Theater you've done it again