One of James Labrie's best moments. | Reviewer: Noah Berube | 7/11/13

At about 4 minutes into the song, during the line, "She can't stand to feel like half of her is fading," when James sings "half," it's simply the best short one syllable word I've ever heard in music. Ever. It is so perfect, he reaches complete harmony with the instruments, and he starts to sound like an instrument. It blows me away that James can do this with his voice, without effects.

It's about purgatory | Reviewer: ADRIAN | 4/17/12

In my opinion, this song is about purgatory. The "ministry of lost souls" is the purgatory, where souls are wandering before reaching heaven. "He" refers to Jesus, so the song says: "Even in death I gave you life". Jesus offers the girl to take his hand and reach paradise, but she's scared (maybe because she didn't believe in him). "Take her soul now, the decision has been made" there, Jesus wants to take her soul and rid her of her pain, he wants to save the girl.

Excellent song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/11

In my opinion this song is one of Dream Theater's best. Not only does it show how well they perform as musicians, but the lyrics are well thought and intelligent. The story of the song actually doesn't involve drug addictions at all. It tells the story of a man who tries to save woman drowning but dies himself. She is filled with so much regret he decides that the only way to save her from her pain is to take her soul into the afterlife.

Much to say 'bout this song... | Reviewer: Northern Lord | 6/30/10

This song is one of the very best songs of Dream Theater, comming to structure, lyrics, melody, and everything. At least that's my oppinion.

THe first seems to be connected to Greek mythology. It sais she was mean to die, but she can't cross over, a lost sould still wandering. In the greek mythology you needed a coin to give to the ferry man and then he'd sail you over to the the land of the dead.

While the man is waiting on the other side, I take this as he is already dead, which supports "The Bells" says, that the man died because of an over dose and then she can't stand being alone in this world.

I am not completely sure WHO is talking in the refrains "Remember me, I gave you life (...)" It may be Jesus or perhaps the man.

Awesome | Reviewer: Civil Enemy | 4/23/10

i hate that pull me under and panic attack which is far from DT:s best songs, have gotten so much attention just becaouse of Guitar Hero. And those two song are IMO VERY far from their "original" style. This song Is AMAZING, have a friend whos also a DT fan, and he liked it, listened to it ones and didn't notice for some reason the brillianceness in the song. Now like 6 months later i listened to it again and were like WOW. Really sad but im not really a fan of the solo in the end. It could've been done much better

What This Song Could Mean...... | Reviewer: The Bells | 2/13/10

Rich, independent, man falls in love with a woman who happens to be an addict. Tragically, instead of pulling her out of her drug addiction, he himself falls prey to it. One night he even had to save her life as she almost OD'd. Sometime shortly thereafter, he went over the line and died himself, somewhere near water. His spirit haunts & calls her from then on. She has been, even in life, a lost soul because of her condition. Realizing this, & finding no way out of her addiction, she knows death will be her only way to release her suffering.

Amazing | Reviewer: carpe diem | 12/1/09

Totally amazing.. N i agree with majesty's ministry... This song is much better than pull me under. Tragic love story. The outro is awesome, it always give me goosebumps. The whole song just breathtaking. Great song great lyrics..!

NOW, I'M WORRIED. ONLY 2 COMMENTS?!?!?!?!? | Reviewer: Majesty's ministry | 10/17/09

OK, this song is one of DT's best, not only because its AWESOME solo (at the end), but also because it came out of DT. It's DT, but like Repentance, it's softer, more emotional, not just flashy solos. And it's gotten only 2 comments?!?! This is 999999999999999 times than "Pull Me Under", come on!!! DT's best achievement! About the only thing bad about this song is that it's not cathcy. It deserves 11/10. This song is worth the price of the WHOLE album!!!

WOW! | Reviewer: Maijeistry | 10/8/09

TOTALLY AWESOME! it surprises me that only 1 comment has been published so far. The ending solo is really an ORGASM (if jordan rudess played it, he would totally _ _ _ haha). Truly dramatic and with tons of meanining poured in.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Nibz | 8/27/07

This song is brilliant. It sounds so beautiful and tells just a drastic story. A true masterpiece by DT.