A great debate | Reviewer: Yhuampy | 6/30/14

I love the musically specs of this song, the ending finishing as the intro, the sound effects used and the perfect combination of melodies, harmony and the 'artificial' Labrie's kind of sing . Regardings to lyrics, i see you have started a long criticism for the topic... It's a great debate!

Good musically - lyrically mixed | Reviewer: MFP | 1/29/14

Love the musical content of the song, and I think the idea of presenting a debate neutrally is good in theory. Only, here DT are giving too much weight to a side which has nothing but religious fear of science behind it. There isn't even a debate about stem cell reserach in other countries, because no other 1st World country has the kind of preponderance of religious fundamentalists in positions of influence.

The chorus asks if one is justified in "taking life to save life".

But stem cell research does not involve "taking life" at all. Again, a great track musically, on one of their greatest albums, but the lyrics are misinformed, which is a shame.

Incredible Songs | Reviewer: Marshall | 9/1/11

THis song is one of my favorites of all time. Not only is it astounding how complex and beautiful the music is, but the lyrics are interesting as well. I think DT meant to present both sides of the argument and not favor one. Also here's a link with all the spoken words like eva asked: http://www.stlyrics.com/songs/d/dreamtheater1268/degree4thegreatdebate1040896.html

Help is needed! | Reviewer: Joey | 12/25/10

Hi everyone. I am Joey and currently 15 and I need major help. I have been looking for other sites where I can ask for help without signing up. Anyways,I have had premonition dreams for as long as I can remember and I am hoping you can shine some light on my predicament. I assure you that everything I say is true.At first every little dream for was just slivers of what was happening and nothing really significant, a 6 yr old girl in a rain jacket, an math question, nothing extreme. But I wanted to understand my dreams more so I started looking into how to create a lucid dream...and a major mistake. I have freakish dreams now either about death or pain or crying. Some of these things are o devastating that it appears on the news. I have been able to keep these dreams at bay dozing off while watching a movie. The most recent one sent me to tears and to my room afraid to ever sleep again. I saw pain, suffering, death. This was all created by en earthquake. 3 days later my school informs me about Haiti. Is there anyone out there who can help me? By the way, I have tried hypnosis but after I found out that the dream was real I cant ever remember the dream.

Why | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/10

ha a belief in God is true ignorance. There is no way to prove any of it yet people insist that we must decide on an answer.I apologize but i dont want to believe in a God that enforces blind commitment and ignorance. Its not that there couldnt be a God, but there is no way to tell. Id rather broaden my spectrum of what could be possible than wasting my time answering a problem with no testable answer. You can have a belief and say there is evidence but this is truly false, there are only interpretations of a certain unknowable things seen in different ways.

@ Anonymous (God Exists) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/10

Maybe the so called god(s) are not what you really think they are... No one knows how the human race actually evolved so much in comparison to other creatures on earth over such a short period of time. I hope you get my point..

God exists | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/10

There's plenty of proof for the existence of God if one takes off the blindfold and truly looks. So many people are calloused to the existence of God beyond really looking at all the signs. Quantum mechanics and astronomy are two of the biggest fields of proof for God. Many astrophysicists and astronomers have turned toward belief in God simply because of the overwhelming evidence.

Look at the book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be An Atheist" by Frank Turek and Norman Geisler for a massive chunk of evidence all in one spot. Or don't. The truth is out there, but everyone considers religion to be stupid before even taking a very serious look at it that no one gives truth a chance. We call ourselves open-minded and then shut down arguments we don't agree with, whether or not we know the facts.

Give truth a chance.

Awesome | Reviewer: Bigfoot | 4/14/10

Such a great song!
But I hate one of the arguments used in the beginning: "It's not God's will". How would anyone know that even if He excisted. But that's just something that annoy's me, still one of the best songs ever:)

Dom Dom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/10

Like the song like most DT songs.
As for the message.. It's something yet again like abortion.. If you want to get rid of your kid, you can do it. It should be up to the person doing it. If you wanna give up your embryo for stem cell research, be my guest.

We make it all so complicated when it is very simple. I, personally, wouldn't let my child go either way because I made it with a woman and I think that no matter what we should keep it.
Somebody else has a different opinion. There will always be different opinions. That's life.

excellent song, and very clever. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/10

I don't think DT are supporting either side of the argument, merely presenting points from both sides.
i especially like the chorus, with it's double meaning.
"Turn to the light" - is this light a deity, or the potential cure of the stem cell research?
"Don't be frightened of the shadows it creates" - are the "shadows" the destroyed embryos used for the research, or are the shadows the problems which the research could cure?
the double-sided chorus could be interpreted either way, and the verses lay out arguments from both sides. THIS is why i like how this song is written.

Great song from a great band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/09

I don't see where you believe DT have taken a stand one way or another with these lyrics. To me, they're just presenting both sides. That's probably why it's titled "The Great Debate" and not "Stem Cell Research is Murder". Don't look for the boogeyman around every corner. Just enjoy the music.

good song. | Reviewer: mgb | 11/30/09

A great song, although I find it unwise for a band to "say their opinion" on subjects of discussion that isn't directly is about them.
and I dont think Life is "sacred" until the form of life is able to remember, make conclusions, and desissions. and what the song is about, is blackening the chance human have to advance in medicine. to put it this way, if stamcells from a embryo could save my kid, I'd definately do it etc.. but cba discussing this.. americans are to damn hung up in religion and other stupid stuff. and is to st00pd to actually see reason. as counts for the rest of the world aswell when i think about it.

true | Reviewer: eva, CZ | 10/3/09

I absolutely agree with you. what I like in DT songs, they are coming up with issues that are not common in bands with non-pop sound. but I think with DT sound the lyrics are therefore the more vibrant.
anyway, does anyway know a link where would I find the spoken text from the beginning and the end of Great Debate?

AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/07

This is the most powerful and moving song ever written!